Your Thoughts And You

We not only have idle hands these days, we have idle minds. Idle minds filled with overwhelming thoughts.

And, an idle mind they say, is the devil’s workshop. With the look of things actually, it might as well be his washing hand bowl.

In this era of idleness, it’s inevitable for the mind to wander about lots of things that on our normal busy day, may never have crossed our mind. These thoughts can range from regrets, dreads or fear, pessimism, immoralities to mention a few.

It’s totally normal for our mind to invite series of thoughts. But you should know this, though we may not have the power over the thoughts that cross our minds, the power to choose which ones to stay rest on us.

The truth is, the more we choose to think about something, the more it becomes our reality.

The outcome of our inner thoughts is the physical evidence expressed in our lives. Hence, we need to guard our heart diligently, for out of it the Bible says are the issues of life. What we put in is what we get. Garbage in garbage out, isn’t that what we were thought? Lol

A wise man said, “you become what you think about all day long”

Doubtful and faithless thoughts like, “can I survive this season with the rate at which people are dying?” may come to our mind. As soon as this thought crosses your mind, please cast it out immediately. That’s the fear talking, not you. Resort to always being positive. You will survive this season, if you believe so.

Your thoughts and you

Another thought may be about that toxic relationship that you finally got out of. You’re lying down on your bed then the voice comes, “I miss him/her”, before you know it, you’re dialing their number or texting them already. Dear, you don’t miss them, you’re only bored. Also, if they contact you saying they miss you, there’s a high probability that they don’t miss you, they are just bored. And even if you do miss them, remember it ended for a reason, and unless that reason is addressed, you need to stay far off.

The power in our thoughts cannot be overemphasized. We need to try  as much as possible to be conscious of our thoughts always, for they can either make or mar us.

Brian Tracy wrote, “Your self talk, your inner dialogue determines 95% of your emotions. When you talk to yourself, your subconscious mind accepts these words as commands, it then adjusts your behavior, your self-image, and your body language to fit a pattern consistent with these words.

He further advised, “Refuse to say anything about yourself that you do not sincerely desire to be true.”

So instead of asking, “can I survive this season?”, say “I have overcome this season” and believe it. Also say, “No matter how much I miss him/her I will not be a victim of a toxic relationship anymore. It’s over, and it’s indeed over.” Then find something to keep yourself busy, if not, the thoughts could overwhelm you. Finally say to yourself, “I choose to grow in this season”.

In conclusion, we seriously need to keep our mind on things that are elevating, not just now, but every time. Let’s refrain from giving rooms to those morbid thoughts that can only affect our mindsets negatively. We can’t afford to make ourselves vulnerable to reckless and demoralizing thoughts. Now is the time when those positive spirits are needed the most. They will help us to fight through this tough time, and make us over comers.

Your mind shouldn’t control you. Take charge and make it the other way around.

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