Why She Isn’t Replying Your Texts

Hmmm… Why isn’t she replying your texts? 🤔

This is something for the guys. Especially in this lockdown season.
I’m talking about that apple of your eye… lol, the one that isn’t replying your text, or didn’t even bother to click on it. Perhaps you’ve been wondering what it is you are doing wrong.

How about we try to help you do something about that 😉

Before I proceed, allow me to share a little chit-chat I had with a guy few months back. Then keep reading if you have experienced or experiencing a similar situation described.

It was mid December last year. We waited at the airport all looking stressed up as the flight had been delayed for the next 10 hours or so. We corpers gathered ourselves in one place, gisting and sharing camp experiences to while away time. You trust youths na, we don’t waste time.

In the midst of the conversation, I noticed this particular guy kept looking at his phone as if expecting an alert. Our eyes met a few times, and he finally said, “can I ask you a question?’

Sure”.  I replied, having no idea why he chose to ask me as I contributed almost nothing to the conversation, I’d decided to be more of a listener  than a speaker.

Why do you think a lady will decide not to reply a guy’s text?”  Before I could utter a word, he immediately added as though he’d read my mind, “I mean I left this girl a text on WhatsApp, and she hasn’t replied.”   It was so obvious that this issue was eating him up inside.

So, I said, “maybe she’s busy”.

Nah” he replied sounding so sure. “I don’t think so. She updated a picture on her status after I chatted her up”.

Well there I was, I didn’t know exactly what to say. I just assumed she probably didn’t really like him as much as he did. And as though he read my mind…again. He brought forward his phone and opened his WhatsApp message with her for me to read.

What I noticed after reading through was that the girl in question was interested initially but along the way the conversation kinda died ’cause the guy spoke of nothing that interested her. It all became like a chorus, ‘same old same old’ – “How are you? How was your day”? And nothing more.

Guys, sameness paralyzes!  And this is why she isn’t replying your texts.

This is why she isn't replying your texts
The experienced I described above and many more made me realize this might be a big issue for guys… so I decided to render a helping hand by conducting a mini-survey on what girls would love guys to text them and here are their various responses. Please note that names have been changed.

Guys,  this is why she isn’t replying your texts, and here are what ladies wish you would send them instead of the tedious messages they receive from you.

When asked, here’s what Olivia said would get her attention from a guy.

A question like, “‘ so what did u do today”? Is better than ‘how was your day’ because if a guy asked me that, I would just respond  ‘fine’.”

Many other ladies agreed to Olivia’s statement.

Hence, guys, you might want to step up by stop sending, “how was your day?” The truth is that ladies naturally do have  lots of admirers. And I bet you 90% of them are typing that same line- “how was your day“, concurrently.

Believe me it’s tedious replying the same message ten times. Hence, when you also type ‘how was your day?’, it makes no difference. She’s just going to stare at them all and type “it was fine”,  then copy and paste it to all the guys sending her the same text (if she’s like me, lol. Please don’t hold this against me). Well, now you have a clue as to why she isn’t replying your texts.

In addition, Dorcas gave her own response,
His texts should show that he cares and just wants to ask after me.”
Mary’s response agrees to this, “A guy should send me texts like, “How have you been?, what do you do aside learning?.”

Lastly, Olivia added to the above, “Maybe guys should ask questions that will keep a lady engaged in a conversation. Ladies like to talk and talk about themselves. Guys do the listening so if u want a lady to respond well ask her about something she must have told you about, like ask her how it is coming along”.

What I deduced from the above second responses is that girls want to talk about themselves. Maybe it’s a little selfish of us, but well, that’s for you to decide if you still desire our attention 😉😁.

The funny part is that, some ladies don’t even know the kind of messages that can get their attention. Ladies can be difficult Sha. That’s to tell you how much work you’ve got to do guys!

In conclusion, if you truly want to get a girl’s attention, send her something entirely new. I personally do not appreciate questions like have you eaten?”  We know you’re only trying to be caring and nice, but it gets on our nerves sometimes. Let it not be every time please. Instead send her something that you know no one has sent her today. If you really like her I believe getting that shouldn’t be a problem. In fact from there a new conversation can stem up and the flow continues. This will leave her with a sense of so much anticipation to the next time you will chat.
There you have it guys, ladies’ responses you might want to consider learning from… hope this helps!



I believe the above article has been of help! If so don’t hesitate to share with a friend!
And feel free to drop your comments on what type of texts can get your attention from a guy. Guys you can drop yours too.

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  • Nice😀. I hope they get the message

    • Avatar photo

      Hoping so too. Would save them a lot of headaches 😅

    • Hmmmm!! You giving us some examples on the new things we could talk about and ask her would be appreciated 😁😁

      • Avatar photo

        Okay, nice question Emmanuel. This will cost you having a prior knowledge about one or two things concerning her life. Let’s say her education, business, anything she might be going through at the moment… Just show genuine interest by asking her how it’s all coming through, and keep the conversation moving. In a nutshell, ladies love it when you focus more on them first, and before you know it they’d be the one asking you ‘have you eaten?’ 😆😆

  • Firstly the copy and paste part shook me. Ha! Well moving on.

    You are right about how boring sending the same message over and over again is though. But then in my opinion, conversation/chatting is a 2-way thing. A back-and-forth give and take. The guy shouldn’t be seen as the ‘questionnaire’ most times, but the otherwise seems to be the norm. It turns me off personally.

    Plus if there’s conflict of talking interest, chatting is as good as forcing yourselves on each other. One should be observant of that too.

    • Avatar photo

      You’re right, reciprocity is important. However, you need to give first before receiving. So if you really like someone you may need to give more before expecting anything in return. However, once you realize the other party isn’t yielding after putting in your best, then it may be time to let go. Getting attention shoudn’t be a ‘do or die affair’👍

  • Good write up. Thanks sharing. The truth is that you might follow all this and still not have a good conversation

  • This is a great article and insightful. Even as a guy I’ve had many ppl complained ’bout me ignoring their messages. People we don’t usually engage in conversation would call me on phone or leave me a DM and its always how was your night?? Have you eaten?? How was your day?? As a guy I detest such and I tell people I am not just the Hi and Hello type, hence the ignore of those calls and messages – how much more a lady. So we must always be different from others to have that chance and attention we are looking for. This is one of the reason why there are lack of proper communication in relationships because after the morning greetings and question ’bout eating that would be the end for the day. I know we won’t always have waht to say to keep conversation going or even get it started in the first place buht when I don’t have waht to say I’d be cheeky and from there something to talk ’bout would come up. It goes both ways tho and I hope this little buht an otherwise a great article attracts both sets of gender just so we can learn from the seemingly little thing for a greater change.

    • Avatar photo

      You’re right. Sometimes it’s better not to send a text than to keep repeating the same message over and over again.
      And I like the part where you said ‘both set of gender’. It does apply to both, not limited to guys!
      Thanks for your beautiful contributions 👌👍

  • 😁😂 , a word is enough for the wise. Now Let’s do something new with this formulae 😎. Kidding!

    This is reality, guys including me have to improve their conversational skill. Else, you would go for an outting one day, and another guy will do the job of interaction with your lady while you watch embarrassed. However ladies could also start up conversations, sometimes guys just want some to start the fire.
    I enjoyed this, thanks EnnyWealth.

  • Thanks for this write up

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