What Every Man Needs To Know About A Woman – A woman isn’t another man

understand a woman

Every man will agree that it’s a lot easier to learn how to speak French than it is to understand a woman. Ha ha… Of course, I would know- I’m one.

But then again, if both genders were the same, God wouldn’t make them separate in the first place, don’t you think?

I mean why repeat the same thing? There’d be no point, right?

The problem, however, isn’t that we’re different; the problem is that we don’t understand our differences.

Some broken relationships today could’ve been salvaged only if both parties had understood how different they were – not just physically but emotionally and psychologically.

So, if you’re one of those men who desire a loving and long-lasting relationship with your woman- courting or dating- then you’ve definitely got to come to terms with the fact that a woman is in no way exactly like a man.

Hence, she needs to be treated in such a way that resonates with how she’s wired. Are you getting the point yet?

This simply means she cannot be treated exactly like you’d want to be treated or want her to treat you.

So, as a man, what should you know about a woman to enjoy a blissful relationship with her?

1. She Just Wants To Talk

Men, you know how you immediately regret asking a woman how her day went because she just won’t stop talking?

Well, maybe you wouldn’t feel so overwhelmed if you understood that you don’t need to proffer solutions to every one of her complaints.

It doesn’t matter if you can solve the complaint or not, it only matters if you give us your rapt undivided attention, regardless of how silly you may think the details are.

Read my lips, men. Oh sorry, you actually can’t see me.

Okay, read between the lines, we just want to talk. And we only ask for one thing from you, LISTEN. That’s all!

how to understand a woman

Some men are fond of giving their female counterpart attitude each time she presses the green button on how her day went or what she plans to do on their wedding day- this is a bad idea.

Men, you need to understand how a simple gesture from you affects your partner – good or bad.

When you appear unconcerned about what concerns her you send her a message that says you don’t care. Believe it or not, it makes her feel dejected.

Whenever a woman freely expresses herself, there’s this burden that’s lifted off her shoulder.

It doesn’t matter if you can solve the complaint or not, it only matters if you give us your rapt undivided attention no matter how silly you may think the details are.

Just smile and nod along where necessary… but don’t fake it. Trust me, we would know.

2. Her Words Are Her Feelings

Okay, guys, yes we get that your words are “your words” – you mean what you say.

But that’s not the case for women. There’s nothing more important you need to know about us than that we express ourselves based on our current mood.

I’ve witnessed a guy end a relationship with a lady simply because she said to him, “I’m not happy.”

Apparently, he took it so seriously that he felt her happiness was resting on his shoulder, and that statement scared the shit out of him.

Guys, understand that when a lady says, “I’m not happy”, she doesn’t mean she’s unhappy with you. Neither does she mean you’ve failed to make her happy in the relationship.

What she’s saying is, “Right now, at this very moment, I’m not happy. And all you gotta do to fix it is by telling me something that can make me smile.”

So guys, don’t always take our words as infinite.

We can tell you we hate you tonight and still wake up to bless you first thing in the morning. Yeah, that’s right.

Next time you hear your woman say something offensive, be sure not to take it too personally.

understand a woman

3. Nothing Hurts Her More Than Your Words

While a man works more with actions than words, words are as sharp as a two-edged sword for a woman.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Why should she value words when she speaks them herself based on emotions (as explained in number 2 above)?

If you’re asking, it’s a brilliant question. But I’m afraid I don’t have a solid answer for you except that we’re wired that way.

We just can’t help ourselves.

Haven’t you wondered how with mere words, a guy can actually get and win a girl over?  And of course, can break her at the same time with words.

If you’ve got a woman and you know deep down you’ve not been the best-complimenting boyfriend or spouse, well, I gotta be honest with you, your grade in the score book is still F9.

And why do you think we love posting our pictures and uploading too many details about ourselves online?

Hello! We’re looking for compliments! Especially from the one person we value the most- our man.

If you’ve got a woman and you know deep down you’ve not been the best-complimenting boyfriend or spouse, well, I gotta be honest with you, your grade in the scorebook is still F9. Yes, we have a scorebook.

So if I were you, I’d step up my game by putting together a list of complimentary words for my woman.

Hey, nothing’s too big a task to keep your sweet pie, is it?

understand a woman
4. She Is Stronger Than You Think

Well, no doubt a woman can break down in tears easily now and then over “seemingly” silly things. But the reality is that we’re not as fragile as most men think we are.

When it comes to standing by our man, we do an excellent job at it.

Maybe I should point out that not all of us are looking for a man who will make our life like cupcakes.

If you don’t have or are not there yet, we’re still here for you, regardless, as long as you’re trying.

When you’re having a bad day, our shoulders are always open for you to cry on (not that you would anyway).

Nevertheless, whatever you’re facing, don’t always assume we can’t understand or are too naïve to see things from your own perspectives. Give us a little credit, will ya?

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Agreeably, there are numerous important things men are yet to understand about women, of course, we’re more mysterious than just 4 highlighted points.

But as mentioned earlier, these tips listed above are essential for every man who sincerely longs to have a loving relationship with his partner to know. They will do you greater good than you could ever imagine.

Always remember that a man is not another woman.

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