Trivialized Love

Love has been trivialized


No one seems to be aware
That the most treasured asset on earth
Is gradually losing its wear,
Slowly moving towards its death.
I look from right to left
I see weddings here and there.
Then I wonder why love is still so rare
But only one thing is clear
Love has been trivialized!

Wives silently shed tears
But husbands seem not to care
Husbands secretly cry for help
But wives take it as their weakness
Only one thing is clear
Love has been trivialized!

Couples seldom trust and share
Each time there is suspicion in the air
But only one thing is clear
Love has been trivialized!

The poor roam the street to beg
Only few care to offer them bread
Dear, show me how to make amends
And I promise to do my very best
To bring love close and near
Where it can always be felt!


Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is a quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.”

—Ann Landers

You ever wonder why most youths of nowadays are single? Or are “simply going out with someone?”  Well trust me, it’s not because everyone out there is “undate-able”. And it’s sure as hell not because everyone out there is bad (at love), nor is it because love has ceased to exist. It’s mostly because the world we live in is full of youths with little to zero clues as to what love really is.

We know almost nothing about commitment. We want love but we have absolutely no idea what it is and we literally do not want to work for it. We fail to equip ourselves with the necessary tools and requirements on “getting love”.


Think about it this way, if you want to get a degree, any kind whatsoever, be it academics or entrepreneurship, you go for lectures and you study so you can pass and earn your degree. Simply put, you work for it. The question is, why don’t we ever apply this to our relationships?

We youths would rather deceive ourselves and choose to believe in “love at first sight than admit that it takes more than just a pink lip and a breathtaking smile to actually stay in love with someone.

Almost everyone now possesses a sharp sharp mind and attitude. We want what we want when and exactly how we want it. No stress attached. No struggle put in. No hard work. No extra effort.

And we have applied that mindset in the area of our relationships. You see youths get in and out of relationship nowadays as though it was a club. They go in, have fun and they are out within the blink of an eye. Love has indeed been trivialized!

One of the reasons for this instability could be attributed to our search for the perfect relationship. Have you seen one before? Of course yes…in the movies. Get real please! This isn’t a movie. This is real life, where no ”cut!” and “do over” exist. Only “rolling” exists here.

Till date, Scientists are yet to find the “ways” to having a perfect relationship. Guess why. It’s because there isn’t one. Perfection is merely a fantasy- a fairy tale. Once perfection is reached, humanity ceases to exist. Imperfections are what make us humans.

The beginning of perfection, is the end of humanity.“ Hence, my dear, there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. So you might as well just stop looking for one, ‘cause you ain’t gonna find it.

The irony part is that, today we have enormous audios and books written solely on love and relationships. In fact, each and everyone appear to have one or two idea and advice to give when it comes to love. So you just have to wonder the ones still getting it wrong and why.

Have in mind that many relationships tend not to last not because the couple is not a match, or because they are not compatible. It’s because they refuse to work on their match and compatibility. They think love is ready-made. Sorry to burst your bubble but love, like anything else in life, requires time to grow.

Love is something you work for. Something you maintain through hard work, compromise, sacrifices and patience. Only then will you enjoy and appreciate it. Love needs time to grow and develop. It needs to be watered and nurtured daily (this is where the hard work and extra effort come in).

Love is like a daily ritual. Nothing surfaces overnight, not even love.

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I believe this short article has fulfilled its aim (which is to bring to our attention on our approach to love and our relationships). If so, don’t hesitate to share with a friend. Let’s change our perspective about love for the better. Love is the most important life principle. It would be unfair to live without getting it right. Remember to share your opinions with us in the comment box. How else do you think we have trivialized love? Share with us and let’s learn from you also.

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