This One Principle Guarantees You Success!

Living a success-ful life not only comes with understanding certain principles, but applying them rightfully.

Often more than not, being successful is judged by outward or visible results. Ranging from the money, cars, houses and so on. Is that true? Partly, yes! But did it start that way? Absolutely not.

Unless you are contented with a life of mediocrity, then do not bother reading this article. You may not find it useful.

It’s no secrets that there are plethora formulas that guarantee success. One of them, luckily, is what I will be addressing in this article.

If asked, every rightfully successful individual will tell you that what we celebrate in them today is a manifestation of long term implanted and executed principles. One of which lies greatly in _ The Power of Giving.

Anne Frank said, “No one has ever become poor by giving.”

How many times have we heard the word “givers never lack?” Myriad of times I presume. Yet, we have very little understanding of the substantial energy carried by these powerful words.

 “No one has ever become poor by giving.” – Anne Frank

Your journey to success begins when you start asking, “What can the world benefit from me?” Rather than, “What can I benefit from the world?”

The fact is, unlike what many of us think, the world doesn’t owe us, instead, we owe it.

Now you may ask, But I don’t even have any money to give, I can barely survive eating three square meals in a day”.

Sorry dear, you got it wrong. Giving is not all about money.

Man, if discovered, just how much resources he is endowed and blessed with, would joyfully dance from morning till night. Unfortunately, few men do. The point is, unlike what many people think, giving isn’t limited to money.

unlike what many of us think, the world doesn’t owe us, instead, we owe it.

In fact, it is safe to say that one of the best forms of giving is through kind words _ a subset of love. Don’t you wonder why we have series of motivational speakers today? There is your answer

The sad part however, is, some of us either underrate or often misuse our words, even to our own selves. “I cannot do it,” we say. As feeble as these may sound, they are empowering, only that they do so in a negative way.

Now listen, if you must receive, you must first give. Imagine if the whole world was only made of  receivers. Firstly, you wouldn’t be reading this article. Why? Because no one would give you access to reading this type of article for free.

The very best ways to network and build your relationships is to constantly look for ways to help other people achieve their own goals. Brian Tracy wrote. The more you give of yourself without expecting something in return, the more rewards will come to you from the most unexpected sources.

This is so true. I mean look around you, can you pinpoint a true successful figure that doesn’t practise the act of giving? Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, each of them found a way to meet the needs of others (and still constantly do), rendering services that people (you and I) desperately seek. The rewards are what brought (and still bring) them success today.

Success is not chased, it is attracted. And one of the significant ways of attracting success is by genuine and generous giving.

If you must receive, you must first give.

You may not be able to bless everyone but you can start with one person. And the best place would be with your immediate family. Start with words of positivity. Encourage someone today.

That said, there is an area many of us tend to get discouraged when it comes to giving. And that is, we tend to expect benefits from the same source we have sown seeds. That may not always happen.

Living by the scripture, the word says, you will reap what you sow, not where you sow. I believe once you understand this, giving becomes easier because you give without expectations of receiving from the exact source.

So, I ask, which end are you at? The receiving or the giving? Who are you empowering? Who is growing through you?

Begin to think of ways to offer the world something today, because the truth remains that the more you offer, the more you will receive.


Finally, I ask again, which end are you at? The receiving or the giving end? Remember, the more seeds you sow, the bigger your harvest. No givers lack. Believe it, because it is true.

Are you a singer? Let the world swim in that glorious voice of yours. Are you a writer? Are you good with speeches? The starved world awaits to be fed by your soul lifting words. Don’t keep them deprived.

It all boils down to this, cultivate the habit of giving. It births more good than bad. If at all, any bad. No

Be careful though, in order to attract true success, your giving must be sincere, genuine, wholeheartedly and totally free of grudges or murmurs.

As simple as this act of gesture may sound, lies in it is a profound capability to transform your life for the greater good.

The more seeds you sow, the bigger your harvest

So, today, I urge you to freely give_ love, advice, a crying shoulder, a smile, genuine compliments, without expecting anything in return.





If you learned from this article, kindly share with other people as well. You’d be empowering someone!

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