The Seed Of Time

Sow the seed of time


Is it just me or has anyone else reflected on the fact that this might just be the world’s longest holiday and free time we will ever get? Well then if that’s the case wouldn’t you agree that it’d be best that we put it into good use?

There was a time we grumbled and complained endlessly of the inadequacy and/or lack of time. Oh, how we never seemed to have enough of it. Luckily for us we not only have the time now, but we have it in abundant. The time is ‘over -available‘ now that many have absolutely no idea what to do with it any longer. The unexpected lockdown has rendered us helpless and confused as to what the next thing to do with the time is.

For many in fact, it is just a matter of waking up, reading the news, eating, sleeping, waking up, and the cycle continues. We all can’t wait for the predicament to end, so we can get back to our normal lives, and continue the cycle of endless cry of ‘no time’ again… ironical, isn’t it? I thought so too.

The next trending news after COVID-19 is “I’m bored,”, I have slept all the sleep for the next two weeks in two days,” and so on.

Honestly, my heart weeps for the masses as there is neither enough food nor money for sustenance. But I strongly believe that this season will pass sooner than we envisage.

Nevertheless, to some of us whose main issue is only with time… so then what do we do with this limitless and exceedingly available time at our disposal?

Seed of time
Time they say is money. Not only that, time is life. Mike Murdoch said, “Sow the seed of time and the product you produce may bring more Joy than you’ve ever imagined.”

Now Someone may say, “what’s the point of even trying to make anything out of the time, what if I do not live to enjoy the result? After all, we’re all going to die anyway.

As much as I understand why this thought may cross our mind, I wouldn’t want us to think that way. If you could have survived till this moment, why not believe that you will live to see the end of the predicament…by God’s grace of course.

Frankly speaking, I see the world recovering from this trying time, we however must learn how to remain optimistic. A positive approach to a situation or challenge is one of the key ways to overcoming it.

This blog will always bring that to you- optimism. Our aim is to remain positive regardless of the circumstances we may find ourselves. We will always look for that silver lining 😉 The goal is to keep you motivated and make you realize that hope is not in any way lost.

Now back to the question, how do we utilize this time? The simple answer is we invest it!  Another way to put it is that we sow it. The most productive seed a man can sow is the seed of time.
How can we do that?

Your most productive seed is the seed of time
1. Learn.
Instead of spending every second of every minute of the day sleeping and reading endless up-dates on the novel COVID-19, why not feed your mind with something less depressing? As a result of the lockdown, there are numerous courses online to study, look for one that suits you most and learn.

Aside from that, think of that habit you have been meaning to work on, now is the time to do that before the world gets busy again. Your Bible that you have abandoned for so long, pick it up again and start learning, start growing. Get to know more about your children and spouse. Spend time with your parents. Share jokes and laugh together. Spend time on things that will add value to your life. Learn, grow, if not now, then when?

It's time to start afresh
2. Make a do over list… That is, Reflect
By now I believe each and every one of us will have realized there is a message from this predicament that we have found ourselves. What message has it passed a cross to you?

When all this is over it will be like a second life for us. ‘A do over.’ What would you change about your life? Reflect on that and start making the changes now. Is it your prayer life, attitude, or your marriage? Whatsoever it is, now is the time to figure it out, and make the necessary changes.

Finally, Kenny O’Brian once said, “Obtain don’t Complain.” Complainers hardly see blessings attached to any situation. All they see is obstacles. Choose to obtain from this season.

Instead of living in fear, start overcoming it by investing your time wisely, it is the wisest thing anyone can do at this moment. There’s light at the end of every tunnel. And it’s not over until it is over!

Choose to be optimistic! You’ve got nothing to lose anyway.

As mentioned earlier, the world will overcome this, but when that happens, what would you have become? More of what you are now… or less? I believe you would prefer the latter.

So what are you waiting for? Start investing this precious time and reap the best fruit of your life.

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If you have learned from the short article above do not hesitate to share with someone! Also remember to drop your comments in the comment box below. Share with us what you think we ought to be doing with the unlimited time at our disposal.

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