The Law Of Process

I’d bet you’ve heard about the Law of Karma a million times. But have you heard of The Law of Process before? Maybe. Maybe not.

There is indeed a law called the law of process, and yes, it’s very real!
What’s more? This law, I believe, was created and made by God.

Hence, it’s so imperative that if we’re to make it in life, we must understand and fully embrace this law.

So what exactly do we mean by The Law of Process?

The law of process is a universal and life principle which simply reveals that nothing happens overnight. It’s that simple!

It makes us understand that magic is a myth. And this applies to every possible area of our life we can ever think of. Be it relationships, money, health, to mention a few.

Permit me to share this, when many people see my blog site for the first time, one of the first questions they ask me is, “How do you earn from it?”

They need me to answer this question because they want to start earning from a blog they haven’t even created.

Well, I just smile and answer the same way I always do, “I’m not earning, I write for passion not for money”.

And I can almost feel the perplexing and disbelief look on their face when I say this. Even though I could not see them (as the discussion is usually through social media).

Earning from my blog isn’t bad. In fact, it is something I am working towards now. However, I understand it is not going to happen overnight, as there are some stages I have to follow through, there are investments I must make. I do understand the law of process.

And most importantly, I respect the law. This is one of the reasons earning from my blog is not my number one priority. I see this present as a time of investment. A time of sowing. Result would definitely come soon.

Many of us today, especially the youths, want to make it real quick, no efforts invested. We want to bypass the inevitable law of process. That, my dear, is out rightly impossible. Success without a history is either fake or temporal.

The history is the part that reveals the process – the investment (which doesn’t necessarily mean money, it could be time, energy, and so on) that eventually transformed into the success that we see and admire today. Haven’t you heard? Rome was not built in one day!

The law of process

However, process sometimes, could appear as a delay, a challenge, you name it. It may feel like nothing is working. In fact, most times, process is a one way street, very few or no result, yield, or outcome, just investment. It’s a tough phase that may look like it will never end. We all must understand this.

Nevertheless, this is no reason to give up. Do rice get cooked the moment we pour it on fire? Do babies start walking the moment they are given birth to? Of course, not. That’s because there is an inevitable law to follow -the law of process.

If we keep working there is always a probability that it will work, but the moment we give up and stop trying, then the probability becomes zero.

No millionaires became one overnight. They all followed the law of process.

This law is a tremendous tool that cannot be bypassed if we want to become the best version of ourselves.

1. Obeying The Law Of Process Prepares Us For The Next Stage

For instance, a secondary school student who plans on going to the university knows the things that are required of him to do are; write WAEC and JAMB. And to do that, he knows he has to prepare well by reading.

This time he spends in secondary school and reading is a process that trains him for the next phase of his life -university. Hence, once he gets to the university he is already trained mentally to an extent for what to expect.

Or have you seen a primary school graduate bypassing secondary school and moving directly to the university? Of course, not.

Applying this law also to getting money and becoming rich, there is a need to prepare ourselves mentally before being able to handle a certain amount of wealth. Some people today wish to have the kind of money that Dangote has with zero effort. But the truth is, if they did, it would evaporate right before their eyes.

Why? It’s simple. They were not mentally ready. It was sudden. It came overnight.

Have you ever wondered what comes off of the lucky lottery winners afterwards? Research shows that most of them mishandle the money and find themselves in their former financial state again, the one they can handle. And most likely, return to the gambling world. Why? Again, they were not mentally prepared for it. They skipped the law of process.

In case we forgot, let me remind us, Jesus Christ obeyed this law as well. The bible records that He grew in wisdom, in stature, and in favor, with God and with man (see Luke 2:52). So if God, the master and creator of the universe could so much respect and obey His own law, what makes us an exemption?

The point is, during the time of process, we grow, we may face challenges, but they mold and prepare us for the next phase of our lives.

2. It Will Take A Huge Amount Of Tension Off Your Shoulder.

As impatience is usually the number one cause for breaking this law, and perhaps, lack of faith, hence, understanding and obeying this law erase the “sharp sharp” mentality, because we have come to realize that there is no result without process.

Once we understand this law, the mindset of wanting it quick will disappear, hence, less tension. Resulting in a less stressed life.

The Law of Process


Something must be clarified though, Time is not the same as Process. They are synonymous, yes, but are not completely the same.

Give it time.” We often say to an individual that just experienced a misfortune, such as loss of any kind, break ups, and so on. But the time is not what heals/restores, what we do with the time is what heals.

There is no process without time, but there can be time without process.

Time spent without work and efforts, is futile, that’s not process. A time dutifully utilized through investment is what we can refer to as process. Are you getting the concept yet?

If you type “what is process?” on Google, the first definition you will likely see is “Process is a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end”.

Note the words series of actions and steps. Without these words, there’s no process.

Time is God’s gift for accomplishing our purpose and fulfilling our potential.” Myles Munroe said. However, a time spent without proper investment, such as efforts, is a time wasted, hence a gift wasted. The time is not the real deal, how we choose to use it is.

Time plus efforts = Process

It is also important to note that not all of us will struggle the same period/time before we become our dream person. What may take someone five years may only take another one year. But it will certainly take a certain amount of time.

So trust the process, and trust the creator of the process. Everything He creates is good, and for a purpose. 


If you try to skip the law of process, you will regret it. Nobody tampers with nature without facing the consequences. However, the law can be hastened without consequences.

Look at it this way, can a student skip primary school and move to secondary after nursery? That is actually… well, possible. But this action will attract serious consequences on the part of the student that will make him/her wish he/she had been patient and gone through secondary school, right?

The Law of Process

Another scenario is, I remember my brother was moved from primary 2 to primary 4, they called it double promotion (a reward for being brilliant in the school). Primary 3 skipped. One year reduced from his primary school duration. But that didn’t mean he didn’t go through primary school at all. Same way you cannot skip the law of process, you can only hasten it.

So, how?


1. Through Favor.

Mike Murdoch wrote, “Favor is the Golden River from your pit to your palace. It is a divine season that takes you from your present season to your future dream“.

With favor, what could have taken another individual several years might only take you one year. Favor is a gift from God. It is a priceless tool that can accelerate your destiny. So yes, favor can hasten your process.

And I believe we all know how we can receive this favor. Through our attitude towards God, of course. So, start reevaluating that attitude of yours today!

2. Through Hard Work, Dedication, Commitment and Consistency
Imagine a student who reads every day for one month and another who reads only once in a week. Now they’re about to sit for an exam, guess which one will perform better. Your guess is as good as mine. The one who reads every day, of course.

In his book, 21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership, John C. Maxwell lays out the law of process as number 3 of the irrefutable laws of leadership. There, he states;

“The learning process is ongoing. And every day you become better equipped and more experienced than the day before. You need to consistently learn from your successes and failures and modify your routines as you go along to set yourself up for success. The best way to use the law of process is by evaluating your daily routines as they stand. What are you currently doing each day that makes you a better person? Are you making time for personal development? Are you wasting time on other things?”

To conclude, the essence of this post is that we must acknowledge and embrace the existence of the law of process in all our dealings, and not see an inevitable natural process as obstacles or insurmountable mountain. We must be cognizance of the process, we must acknowledge, respect and trust it. Because eventually it always yields.

So what areas of your life have you been expecting results without obeying the law of process? Remember, there’s no output without an input. Invest, exercise patience, wait for the result, and it will surely come.

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  • Very true, there is always a proper means or process to any reasonable achievement/accomplishments. most people want to just wake up and be millionaires overnight, it doesn’t work that way. Give it time, work through the normal process diligently and with determination, your dreams will surely come to pass. Thanks for this brilliant write up and inspiration.

  • Great work Enny!

    Law of process is real and should be respected.
    However, ones should be vigilant enough to identify a STEP, that would not lead to next steps in the process. Change your routes to success is important as well as trusting God.

    The process is important

  • Thumb up for you @Ennywealth. You have indeed educated your readers through this inspiring message.
    Ability wanna be a wrier like you when he grow up!!!

  • Very inspiring and its an eye opener. Personal development is very important…God bless you Eniola

  • Very insightful, every venture requires a time based effort channelled in the right direction to yield success.
    I feel blessed reading this piece, may God continue to bless you with wisdom.

  • Avatar photo

    You’re correct about the right direction part. The efforts must go to the right channel, if not it could be a waste. And I’m really glad you were blessed by the post. Thank you for your contribution Flow. And amen to your prayers!

  • Reading through, I have more insight and an advantage that brightens my view on understanding process. It what we have actually know by virtue of many example we can see around even God created the world by process coz God should have made everything at once in a day.
    However, we actually have many defining moment in life that actually have something to do with time and chance example includes opening a cartoon and finding treasure, working on a farm and seeing a life changing treasure, we have been hearing this stories for years and people life have been changing overnight.
    Does this thing have an atom of process or we can called it favour? Process can actually set us on stage where we take chances but what then can we say if everything is process, can everything be process? Or there are exception?

    • Avatar photo

      The cartoon and treasure on the farm thing got me. Well, I believe anything is possible but it never negates the law of process. A farmer that finds treasure on his farm must have invested his time and effort in building his farm and cultivating on it, and what do we call that? Process, of course.
      So yes, there is an atom of favor that comes along with obeying the law of process. I hope I have answered your question.
      Please feel free to ask any other.
      And thank you Fellow for taking your time to make such a profound contribution to this article👌

  • This is a blessing! Thank you for this great exposition. Process can only be hastened but not skipped, this is profound!

  • This is an eye opener!More wisdom dear.

  • This law could be helpful in controlling anxiety and being overambitious. Just flow with the process. Like you said it takes stress off one. More Grace Enny.

  • Time with efforts equates Process got me. All these begin from home. You can imagined parents taking their children to special centres for their in the name of easy passage to higher institutions. And afterwards, we’ll be hearing news of half-baked graduates or drop-outs, internet fraudsters, kidnapping kingpins, etc. All these borne out of neglecting the process to fast tracking. Prevailing issues happening nowadays among all young & able adult is the urge/need to get attached maritally with no intention of following the process hence default in marriages no matter how elaborate the wedding ceremony was as a result of failure to prepare. More power to your insightful write-ups Eniola.

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