Should A Woman Embrace Her Femininity?


Have you ever wondered why the modern female world tells us to claim equality with men? Instilling the notion that a woman needs to be less feminine but fierce/masculine to earn respect from society? And that, acting otherwise would make women appear weak and be taken for granted?

Have you? Well, I have, and I find it so wrong and deceptive!

If there was anything I’d like to advocate for, it would be Gender Inequality. And yes, I wrote “inequality”.

You’re probably not believing your eyes right now or thinking I’m just messing with you – I’m not.

But first, let’s back up a little bit. 

For months, I prayed to God to reveal a part of me that needed fixing, especially in terms of character. As always, He revealed it. What was it? 

I’m taking on the garment that wasn’t designed for me while ignoring the one that I was meant to wear.’ What garment am I talking about? The garment of MASCULINITY!

Wow! Me? How? I began asking myself. After a thorough self-assessment, it turned out to be an absolute truth. Of course, God is not a liar. 

Admittedly, the realization didn’t happen overnight for me. God used a man and a woman to reveal this part of me that needed assessment and total corrections.

In short, He wanted me to embrace my femininity.

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What’s wrong with being feminine?

Absolutely nothing!

God made men naturally masculine and women naturally feminine. An error occurs when one gender tries to interchange roles.

Some modern ladies out there are living a masculine life without knowing and wonder why certain parts of their lives are not working.

Could this be the reason?

If you act outside God’s design and intentions for you, you’ll fail. 

By trying to be a man, you’re acting outside of your natural design, neglecting your real nature, and enforcing one that isn’t meant for you.

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Ladies, being masculine will wear you out.

When you look at it, attempting to take on the nature of a man is burdensome, frustrating, tiring, and all of the adjectives that qualify for stress you can think of.

Yet, you wonder why some females age so early unlike before, there’s your answer. 

It’s simply because they’ve put upon themselves the burden not meant for them. Consistently attempting to wear a garment that belongs to the opposite gender – masculinity.

It neither suits nor does it complement you because it is not meant for you. So drop it!

Like the former me, many modern ladies are stuck in this masculinity cage without even knowing.

While lots of factors can trigger it, from family history to societal influence, you need to thoroughly assess yourself to come to terms with this.

 let go of the mentality that you have to be equal to a man to earn his respect, or be heard by society. Your femininity already qualifies you for those things if only you would embrace it. 

Remember, you can be an ambitious woman, have all the good things you desire in life, and more, without losing your femininity. You just have to learn how to balance it all.

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The Femininity Journey

I am happy on this path that I have chosen and will keep educating myself while sharing content that will help other ladies who want to take on this same path with me.

Truthfully, it’s looking like a beautiful journey already – easier, better, and less stressful.

That’s what happens when you don’t struggle with God.


Now, back to my first statement about advocating for gender inequality. This is what I meant – If I had the opportunity, I would promote preferential treatment for women from men.

I would request that men handle women more gently, tenderly, and lovingly. This would be my advocacy, not the other way around. 

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If you would like to join me on this femininity journey, here are two Instagram accounts I recommend you follow:

@kevinrsamuels and @thefemininitydoctor. They’re both guaranteed to shape you in ways you never thought you needed to be shaped. 

Being feminine is not a weakness. In reality, it’s the easiest way to live up to your unique gender without going the extra mile trying to be who you aren’t meant to be.   


While it is true that women are fragile, softhearted, and emotional, none of these qualify us as weak.

So, yes ladies, be as feminine as you can be, having in mind that you’re operating in your best God-given nature. 


In my subsequent articles, I will be sharing signs that show you’re acting outside your feminine nature and how to be more feminine. 


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