Seven Daily Habits That Will Change Your Life

Are you feeling lost? Stuck maybe? Stressed out? Are you experiencing too much pressure from school? Work? Or life in general? Well, you’re not alone. Everyone feels this way at one point in their life. So, no, nothing’s wrong with you.

These days, a lot of things are happening. Everyone is on the edge, little things irritate and provoke. As a result, many, though sadly, have resorted to taking life as it comes because they’re overwhelmed, and perhaps, suffer from mental stress.

Hey, living life as it comes without any real effort is a bad idea. You don’t want to be alive without living.  You want to rather be in control. You want to live life and not life living you.

But to do that, you need to get your act together. You need to be in control, that’s how you stay sane

So, how do you do that? I have put together seven daily habits that, when incorporated, have a good chance of turning your life around for good.

Ready? Here we go!

You don’t want to be alive without living.  You want to rather be in control. You want to live life and not life living you.


  1. Write down how you feel

Have you ever found yourself upset for no reason? Everyone and everything seem to irritate you. And what’s worse? You have no idea what the problem is.

We often call this mood swing. And no, it doesn’t just happen to ladies unlike popular beliefs, everyone gets irritable once in a while.

At this point, you know what the best thing to do is? Put down your feelings in writing. The good news? You don’t need a pen and paper to write stuff these days. Your mobile phone will do the job.

So, instead of allowing your emotions to rule over you, you can take charge by asking yourself these questions and answering them with all sincerity.

  • How do I feel? Angry? Jealous? Sad? Overwhelmed? Frustrated?
  • Since when have I started feeling this way?
  • What one event happened today that could have caused this feeling?
  • Who is the emotion supposed to be directed towards?
  • How can I address it?  Is there something required of me to solve it?

Finally, ask yourself,

  • Is the cause of my mood worth getting upset over in such a way that I will allow it to affect other aspects of my life, including people around me, who by the way may be innocent and incognizant of the cause of my current mood?

Is it worth losing the people you love and who love you over? Writing down your mood is important because it puts you in a decision mode rather than complaining and irritable one.

There’s no guarantee that you’ll feel better on the spot, but you’ll understand why you feel the way you do and that is the first step to dealing with it.

You’ll have a clearer way of thinking and addressing the issue at hand rather than feeling foggy and acting out of frustration.

  1. Write down 5 things you’re grateful for

Okay, you might need a journal or diary for this one because your brain can only keep so much information at a time.

You may ask, why gratitude? What does it have to do with my mood? A lot my dear reader, a lot.

It’s the little thing that counts sometimes and what you focus on is what grows in your life.

If you only focus on what’s not working, you get more of that. But when you begin to shift your attention to the positive things in your life, positive is what you’ll get in return.  This is the essence of writing down what you’re thankful for.

Someone may say, ‘what’s there to be grateful for?’ I started a business and It crashed, all my capital gone. Another may say, ‘I failed my exams and now I have to retake the course.’

Well, I say, another way to look at it is to be grateful that you even had the capital to begin the business in the first place. Be grateful that you could learn so much from the experience because now you know what’s not to do when you go into the business again, or another.

what you focus on is what grows in your life.

And to the student, I say, be grateful that you have a second chance to reseat. Now, you know why you didn’t pass the exam and how to avoid that from repeating itself. So, yes, write those things down.

They always say that it’s not what happens to us that matters but how we react to it that determines our future. Why not react with a mind full of gratitude and positivity and watch your life turn around for the greater good?

  1. Spend five to ten minutes cleaning your room 

As trivial as this may sound, don’t underestimate its profound effects on your life. The most important part of this exercise is to ensure that you have your bedroom made.

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.  Plus, the world is rough enough, you shouldn’t come back to a rough bed. It’ll make you feel worse than you already do.

Some people prefer to wait until the end of the week before dedicating an hour to cleaning their room.

Don’t do that.

Break it down to five minutes per day. Not only is this a good distraction but an effort that produces immediate and visible results.

Leaving your house till the end of the week before cleaning (which most times you end up not doing) is overwhelming.

To avoid this, break down your tasks into the smaller portion, it’s doable and much easier that way. Doing small tasks in five minutes will lead to many results by the end of the week.

The bright side? Now you can dedicate the weekend to something else. Isn’t that cool?

  1. Implement the 80/20 rule

This is called the Pareto principle which says, 80 percent of your results will come from 20 percent of your efforts.

A little confused? Let me further break it down;

If you have ten tasks, 2 of those tasks when done will have more effects than the remaining eight put together. That’s something, isn’t it?

Now, your job is simply to identify the 2 tasks that’ll give you the most effective results out of 10. This way, you don’t major on the minor and minor on the major as this is often one of the reasons you feel unaccomplished and underachieved.

So, recognize the task that gets you more results and commit to doing it.

  1. Read for at least an hour a day

Reading does to the mind what food does to the stomach. Knowledge and its application (wisdom) is the cure to ignorance.

For instance, you’re learning simply by reading this article, is that not? So, set aside an hour each day to nourish your mind and soul with the right book.

Depending on the contents, books empower, educate, elevate, and are a great way to relax. This is a habit that will undoubtedly change your life for good.

Successful people take their time to read good books.  Why? They know that you have more to learn by reading and a lot to lose by not.

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  1. Have a to-do list and follow-through

Another reason why many people may feel overwhelmed is that they don’t plan. The power of a simple to-do list cannot be overemphasized.

Of course, before you would be able to follow the Pareto principle, it’s expedient that you cultivate the habit of writing down your tasks.

There are many benefits attached to this simple act, ranging from its ability to enhance clearer and timely actions, fast results, good feelings of accomplishment, and so on.

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Sometimes, I plan my month, then my week, followed by my day. That’s how important a to-do list is to me. I do it because I have seen the incredible results that it produces.

Even when I’m feeling lazy I am forced to get up and do the needful at the particular time once I’ve written it down. I set an alarm too. And I prioritize reviewing how much I have done over the day and strike off the done tasks.

Until you try it, you won’t understand the feeling of fulfillment that stems from this action.  So go on, start making a to-do list. You’ll be glad!

  1. Have a ‘you’ time

Oftentimes, we’re so bent on doing for others that we forget to meet our own needs- neglecting our inner mind. This subconsciously makes us feel out of space. We lose clarity, focus, and feel lost, not knowing what’s next in our life. This is a terrible state of mind.

How do we address it then?

Start by having a ‘you’ time. There are many ways to do this.

Take care of yourself – Your diet, your skin, health, weight, hair, breath, your nails; they all play significant roles in your life. Learn to pay special attention to and care for them.

Regular exercise is also very important as it not only keeps you in shape but promotes your overall health. Taking care of yourself imposes a positive outlook on your life.

Another way to have a ‘you‘ time is by meditating. Dedicate at least 15 minutes of every day (preferably night, just before you sleep) to meditate. This isn’t the same as overthinking.

Overthinking is when you’re lost in thought without realizing it while meditating is a conscious effort to think. And unlike overthinking, mediating proffers solutions rather than focusing on the problems.

So, think about how far you’ve come, where you are and, where you would like to be. Then ask yourself what it is you’re doing right now that’s helping you move in that direction.

Examine your way of living. Is this what you’ve always wanted? Can your lifestyle be modeled? Are you proud of what you do? If no, what can you do to change it?

Visualization can also be done during this time- see your goals as though you’ve achieved them. Make it clear and vivid. Plan what you can do to produce such results for real. Then get busy doing it.

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If you only focus on what’s not working, you get more of that. But when you begin to shift your attention to the positive things in your life, positive is what you’ll get in return.

So there you have it. Seven important daily habits you can start doing now to have a better life.

Warning – don’t try to incorporate the seven habits all at once. You’ll feel more stressed than you already do- the one thing we’re trying to avoid. Instead, take it one at a time.

When you feel well-adjusted to one habit, then you can move on to another. Do that until it doesn’t feel like work.

Also, don’t expect magic results overnight. Make it a lifestyle first and results will emerge inevitably.

Knowledge and its application (wisdom) is the cure to ignorance.


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4 comments On Seven Daily Habits That Will Change Your Life

  • Thanks for sharing. I’ll put it in mind to practice one first and see how it goes.

  • Wow! This is nice.

    About writing down how you feel, I make up a dialogue in my head instead. Just me and myself. Like those questions you cited, I ask questions.

    At least I just ticked out one out of the 7 tips today.
    By reading this. I guess I’m not doing bad afterall. More grace Enny.

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