Reaching A “Comforter” Zone

There’s a place called- the comfort zone. Better still, a comforter zone.

We’re still basking in the euphoria of the atmosphere of the new year 2020. Still counting ourselves as one of the fortunate ones to witness the beautiful new season and the blessings it brings forth.

If you read my last post you’d remember it was about new year resolution-ish. You can check it out here NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS

There, I listed out some tips on how we can make the new year (and our life in general) a productive one.

I also emphasized on getting out of our comfort zone as the number one way of getting the most done in the year, and making the year a fulfilling one. Realizing our dreams and achieving our set goals (or our new year resolutions as some of us may like to put it).

So what exactly do we mean by Comfort Zone?

The comfort zone is a psychological state in which one feels familiar, safe, at ease, and secure.

-Roy T. Bennett

If getting out of our comfort zone is one of the profound ways through which we can make our dreams come true, then how can we do that?

Here are a few tips to follow.

Challenge Yourself – The next thing to do after listing out those dreams is to challenge yourself. It is easy to tell ourselves that we cannot do something when we haven’t given it a try.

There is a reason they call it a comfort zone. Because it is our most comfortable residence. Where we do not need to put in extra effort or energy. Unfortunately, in our comfort zone we do not grow. And a popular author said, “If you are not growing you are dying”.


Am I saying you need to bring a discomfort to yourself just so you could get out of your comfort zone? Absolutely yes. Tell me one good thing that anyone has ever achieved with total easiness and zero effort. The answer is- there is none.

Are you afraid to face the crowd? That’s fine. Do you wish for that to change? Then do something about it. Get books on building confidence. Read as much as you can. When in a public gathering, try contributing one or two things to the discussion. You see, that way, you are challenging yourself.

Something you are afraid to do, you are doing it anyway. Despite the cold feet and sweaty palms. That’s what it means to challenge yourself.

Reaching a comfort zone
My second tip is;

Remind Yourself That You Are Aiming For A “Comforter” Zone – Leaving our comfort zone can be scary as it might seem that we are leaving a good place for an unknown place (that may or may not be favorable). This is why it is important we list out our goals and plans, as they will serve as road maps.

If we desire to become something more than what we are at the moment and we have a viable plan to do that then it is totally safe to say that leaving our comfort zone is a step forward to getting and reaching a comforter zone. Yes. A Comforter Zone I said.

Remind yourself that the essence of your discomfort is that you’re creating a better place than you are now. Try not to lose focus. Believe where you are going is a better place than where you are right now!

Remember that it will not be easy. You will face  tough times. You will meet people that will appear to know more than you do. This could intimidate you and may want to make you give up and crawl back to your comfort zone. But don’t. It’s all part of the process. This is exactly what it means to leave your comfort zone.

Life doesn’t have to be bitter simply because you are leaving your comfort zone but things will definitely have to change. And you need to prepare your mind for that.

These changes may be in terms of waking up earlier than usual, denying yourself of your favorite TV shows (especially those Soap Operas we are used to watching), missing out on one or two football matches (I know how much this means to guys especially).

The bottom line is; you will need to discipline yourself more than you used to. No more procrastination.

Say good bye to mere wishful thinking. You need to GET UP and DO!

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