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The Love Mistake You Shouldn’t Make

Could this be a love mistake? “How did it come to this?”Amy wondered as she collapsed on the bed, streams of thought running through her mind.She was never the type to crave for attention. Never the type to fall too soon, or get involved too deep.She was strong, independent and ambitious.But it had all started really well.And he was just the kind of guy she liked.The weird one. The not so normal one.The complicated one.She never liked “normal”.Normal in her dictionary

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LOVE INTERVIEW: Wrong Reasons For Falling In Love

Falling in love is never wrong. But the reason(s) for falling, and the person you fall for, may be. Yes, we both know….falling in love is one of, if not the most beautiful feelings in the world.  You’ll also nod to this – when you’re in love, especially at the early stage, everything feels exhilarating, as though, it should and would never end. You develop this superb energy out of the blue. So overpowering, yet so beautiful.  You find yourself

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The Words You Speak.

“Words are potent weapons for all causes, good or bad.” – Manly Hall. Words can open or close doors. A wise man once said, “Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care,f people will hear them and be influenced by them, for good or ill.” It’s no wonder how some of us in one way or the other have unconsciously caused a setback in the lives of the people around us. This could be through the promises and judgment

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Things Aren’t Always As They First Appear To Be

Look again, it’s probably not what it looks like! Sometimes the obvious isn’t always the truth. And sometimes, we are so bent on being right, that we often block that second voice telling us that we might actually be wrong.  Allow me to share my personal experience with you. It happened few weeks ago, while I was still in school. A good friend of mine came to stay over with me and my other friend (who was my roommate) during

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A Little About Me And My Blog

My name is Eniola, Enny in short. A graduate of Biochemistry from Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. This is my first blog. I am a writer, safe to say. I enjoy writing, it’s my passion, something I discovered when I was younger. It’s always been a great joy for me to share my words with the world, to reach out to someone, you never can tell who is waiting to be blessed by what you have to say. The world

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