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6 Steps To Dealing With Loss

Losing a loved one is a bitter experience. It can make life seem unfair. You may even ask, “Why does this have to happen to me?” Sad, but bad things happen to virtually everyone. Undoubtedly, one of the worst things you can ever experience is the soul-crushing feeling of losing a loved one. Regardless of how close you’re to them or how long it’s been, healing and moving on from a loss is never an easy task to accomplish. Some

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5 Subtle Signs Of An Emotionally Unavailable Partner

If you’re in a relationship and constantly wonder why you always have to be the one doing it all -the calling, the texting, the planning, the apologizing – you might have very well fallen into the hands of an emotionally unavailable partner. Trust me, this is not a situation you want to continue staying in. It’s toxic and mentally unhealthy. You’d be surprised at how much people out there have a phobia (fear) for commitment in relationships. It’s not their

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6 Effective Ways To Deal With Stress

deal with stress

According to The Global Organization stress report, “73 percent of people experience stress that impacts their mental health while 48 percent have trouble sleeping due to stress”. More so, other research has identified stress as one of the number one causes of early aging and untimely death. Sadly, not everyone knows and understands how to deal with stress. That said, everyone would agree that the list of inevitable feelings in life isn’t complete if stress is not included. Though can

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5 Myths About Love You Should Ditch Now

myths about love

  Virtually everyone has one or two opinions to share when it comes to the love topic, except that they are not always true. Some of these facts may be misleading and detrimental to your mental health when espoused. This is why I’ve put together 5 myths about love you need to stop believing for the benefit of your mental health. 1. There’s Only One Perfect Person For You Out There In other words, until you meet your soul mate,

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5 Interesting Fun Facts No One Told You About Valentine’s Day

Yay! The long-anticipated and love-filled day has finally arrived. Both my Whatsapp status and messages are practically filled with Valentine’s wishes. And it’s so happening to be on a Sunday. Talk about Sunday service, I couldn’t help but notice how red and white wears filled the air, sermon hit us with love message, youths couldn’t wait to use the entrance, as I could almost hear some of them murmur, ’Hey pastor, there’s a dinner date I’ve got to prepare for,

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3 Fundamental Guides That Will Save You From Making Regretful Decisions

Regretful Decisions

Never Make Regretful Decisions Again With These 3 Basic Principles From waking up, getting breakfast, wearing a certain cloth, to taking a particular route to work, seeing that movie or choosing a partner- are all needful decisions we make almost every day. But while some decisions are pretty simple with little to no consequences to bear- none that pose a threat anyway- other decisions are capable of causing a long term effects in our lives. Many of us today are

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8 Powerful Books That Will Transform Your Life For Good In 2021

By now you already know the significance of reading books and why you should prioritize reading books in your everyday life. Not only is the act of reading books fun and relaxing, it also empowers you with invaluable knowledge and credible information that might have otherwise taken you years of personal experiences and struggles to acquire in your life- if at all you ever do. Read Legends Who Became One From Reading Books to find out just how impactful reading books

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Legends Who Became One From Reading Books

Robin Sharma says, “Ordinary people have big TVs, extraordinary people have big libraries.” Do you aspire to be successful? Start by reading books. Have you ever met a great reader who didn’t become successful? Absolutely not. Readers are leaders. No, scrap that. Readers are extraordinary leaders. It is often said that, “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far go with wise people” Part of going far in life is spending time with great

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To A Fresh Start!

While many people may argue that a new year in the calendar makes no difference. “It’s just another day. A continuation of the previous ones“. They say. On the contrary, some hold firmly and preciously to the term ‘new year’ as they often perceive it to be yet another season for a new resolution, a new beginning and a fresh start. Well, I’ll say they’re damn right. However, things are a little different this time around as it goes without

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Is Admiration The Same As Love?

Would you say admiration is the same as love? And if no, what differentiates them both? And most importantly, is admiration enough reason to start a relationship with a potential partner? Continue reading to find the answers to these questions. But first, let’s try to put meanings to the two terms, shall we? What is Love? While there are numerous definitions given to the term love, some of which are different from the others, we can say love, typically, is

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