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Are Your Words Holding You Back?

What you say to yourself is shaping your life just as much as what you do is. Have you been speaking words to yourself the wrong way, and could these words be holding you back? Let’s find out in this short article, shall we?   But first, did you know that words carry life and you’re a product of the words you speak to yourself? What you say will shape your life just as much as what you do will.

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Premarital Sex Discussion- Here’s What Youths Have To Say About Sex Before Marriage.

premarital sex

Let’s talk about one of the most controversial topics among youths today – premarital sex. Whether for religious reasons, health, moral, or any kind whatsoever, sex before marriage has always been a debatable topic. While many people argue that sexual compatibility is one of the major reasons they engage in premarital sex, others believe there is no such thing as sexual compatibility. However, whether or not you believe in premarital sex, keep reading this article to learn raw undiluted responses

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Should A Woman Embrace Her Femininity?

Have you ever wondered why the modern female world tells us to claim equality with men? Instilling the notion that a woman needs to be less feminine but fierce/masculine to earn respect from society? And that, acting otherwise would make women appear weak and be taken for granted? Have you? Well, I have, and I find it so wrong and deceptive! If there was anything I’d like to advocate for, it would be Gender Inequality. And yes, I wrote “inequality”.

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6 Things I Wish I Knew In My Early 20s.

Things I wish I knew in my early 20s

  Age is just a number, I agree. But it’s a number that counts for something.  Hey, if you’re in your early, mid- or late  20s, this is an article you definitely don’t want to miss as it will incredibly change your life. If you asked me, I’d boldly say my early 20s were by far the most adventurous years I’ve had. Oh believe me when I say, I tried new things, crazy things – some I succeeded at, others

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The Secrets To A Long-Lasting Relationship

Hey you, don’t be the next victim of bad relationships. You’ve already experienced enough. Time to do things differently and in the right way. How? These secrets you’re about to find out are the formula for a long-lasting relationship.  So allow me to help you, sit tight, and read on.  But first, here are a few relationship statistics you will find interesting,  According to research, “Most couples will break up during the first three to five months that they’re in

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5 Reasons Why You Need A Heart Break

Did you know that, “Heartbreaks are believed to be the number one cause of suicides among young people“, according to research? Yet, romantic love has been described as one of the “most desirable experiences of human life.”  Unfortunately, heartbreaks happen to be the complete opposite. Heartbreaks don’t just hurt, they can kill. In fact, many people who’ve experienced heartbreak often describe it as the most traumatic phase of their life. If there’s ever a protest I’d like to lead, it’s

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Why Attitude is Everything

“Attitude Is The Corner Stone Upon Which We Build Our Lives.” – Keith Harell As beautiful as it can be, life throws shits at us sometimes. We lose our jobs, loved ones, we go through heartbreaks from different parts of our lives. It feels like we hardly get what we want when we want it, and/or how we want it. The question is, what do we do? If you’re connected to me on Whatsapp, you’d remember I shared a post

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Seven Daily Habits That Will Change Your Life

Are you feeling lost? Stuck maybe? Stressed out? Are you experiencing too much pressure from school? Work? Or life in general? Well, you’re not alone. Everyone feels this way at one point in their life. So, no, nothing’s wrong with you. These days, a lot of things are happening. Everyone is on the edge, little things irritate and provoke. As a result, many, though sadly, have resorted to taking life as it comes because they’re overwhelmed, and perhaps, suffer from

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5 Mistakes Men Make That Show They Are Desperate

There are various reasons why men become desperate for marriage. Some of which may be due to family or peer pressure, old age, loneliness, and insecurity.   A desperate man may at first appear as a caring, loving, selfless and the perfect guy every lady dreams of. Sadly, it’s only a matter of time before these seemingly romantic acts become unbearable to the lady at the receiving end. It’s true women love men who go out of their way just

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5 Mistakes Single Ladies Make That Show They’re Desperate

Okay, so maybe you’re a lady in her 20s, and the pressure to get a partner to settle down with is mounting already. Say, every weekend you get invited to weddings, and in those moments when the announcement goes, ‘you may kiss your bride,’ you silently wish you were that bride that’s about to get kissed by her groom. ‘Oh, wouldn’t that be great?’ You fantasized. Until you remember you actually don’t have someone yet. It’s totally fine to feel

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