Things Aren’t Always As They First Appear To Be

Look again, it’s probably not what it looks like!

Sometimes the obvious isn’t always the truth. And sometimes, we are so bent on being right, that we often block that second voice telling us that we might actually be wrong. 

Allow me to share my personal experience with you. It happened few weeks ago, while I was still in school. A good friend of mine came to stay over with me and my other friend (who was my roommate) during exam period (as usual).

Unfortunately, her laptop was stolen right in our room. We (the three of us) went to the police station to file a report. And not until we were being interrogated that we realized I and my roommate were the prime suspects. You will all agree with me when you read the whole story.


Firstly, the day it happened, she (the victim) left the room a little earlier before I and my roommate did because she needed to use the ATM. So, we left some minutes after she did to meet her outside.

Secondly, we came back a little earlier than she did later in the day ‘cause she stayed behind in school to meet a friend. Looking like we were in trouble right? Believe me, I knew.

And as if that wasn’t enough trouble for us, she didn’t have a spare key, only I and my roommate did. She only stayed over during exam period, hence we figured a spare key wasn’t really necessary for her. So apparently, it could have been either of us who came back to steal the laptop, mostly because there was no break in. The door was neatly unlocked, laptop taken, and locked back (the very reason why we didn’t notice the laptop had been stolen when we got back until she needed to use it).

This last part made us both feel like the universe was against us; although three laptops (mine, my roommate’s and hers) were in that room that day. Only hers was stolen. I mean, seriously, we had no case. There was almost no way of defending ourselves, ‘cause everything was pointing right at us. We were in deep sh*t!

Declare your properties!” One of the policemen commanded. Before we knew what was happening, they had started collecting our belongings; phones, wrist watches, chains… I knew right then that we were going to be locked up. Oh boy, wasn’t I scared?

We almost didn’t sleep in our beds that fateful night, and believe me it wasn’t because the police didn’t want us to, but because our friend insisted that we didn’t do it, that we couldn’t have.

So, they let us go for the night making us promise to show up the following day. Oh boy, wasn’t I relieved! Lol. Few days later, after further investigation, the thief’s identity was revealed to be the guy next door; he must have had a similar key to ours or somehow made a copy.


So you see, sometimes all you need to do is look deeper, exercise a little patience, be more trusting even though at the time it may feel like you have all the proof and evidence to do otherwise. Always remember that nothing is ever exactly as it first appears to be

In my case then, our friend had every reason to have us arrested and to give the police the go ahead to lock us in; no one would blame her if she had done that. But she chose to trust us. She overlooked the obvious and gave us a chance to prove ourselves. She believed our side of the story, something many of us don’t really do. More importantly, she applied the it’s not what it looks principle.

Think back and imagine how many times you thought you had been so right about something or someone. Only to realize later that you had been utterly and completely wrong, but it was too late ‘cause you already took action. Only if you had exercised more patience, only if you had been a bit more trusting and open minded.  And only if you understood that it’s not always what it looks like. Things might and probably would have turned out differently.

It’s not always what it looks like. Hear people out, give them the chance to explain themselves and believe them, unless they have once proven to be untrustworthy. Try not to jump too easily into conclusion, be more patient and you will be shocked by how wrong much of what you see or think to be right actually is.



Feel free to drop your comments and share your opinions in the comment box. If you find this useful don’t forget to share with a friend. Also, you are welcome to share with us your experience regarding this context; I’m more than happy to read your story.

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