New Year Resolutions


It’s a beautiful new year of course! A time we choose to go back to that previously made new year resolution list.

For some of us, we are happy because our goals  for the previous year have been realized. “Hurray!” We rejoice. On the other hand, the rest of us may not even bother to open that list because we know we have failed to realize those wishful dreams we set last year. So what do we do? We either reset the same dream (if we are brave) as another New Year resolutions or we just give up!

Setting New Year Resolution list can be fun as it often comes with a lot of energy and enthusiasm, giving us something to be excited about and look forward to in our lives.

I used to be a big fan of New Year resolutions. I would list out new plans and goals at the beginning of every year. Then came the second month or middle of the year and I’d be jaded already. At the end of the year, half of those dreams may not have been achieved. Then I’d think of myself as an underachiever or a failure. We all know how that can feel, not a good feeling at all. Sometimes I’d extend the resolutions till the following year.

Yay! It's time to make a new year resolution list

Understandably, a New Year does feel like a new beginning. The atmosphere can even feel different. Some of us see it as a time to analyze ourselves based on the goals we have set the previous year. But can’t this be done anytime? Be it middle or end of the year? Of course, why not?

Eventually I decided, “Resolutions shouldn’t only be for a new year. Resolutions can be daily, hourly, even minutely. What I really need is Life Resolutions. That way, when I fall, regardless of the time of the year it is (be it middle, beginning or end), I can always pick myself up and continue without having to feel bad or like a failure.” As the popular saying goes, “When there is life, there’s hope.”

The most important thing at the end of every year is Thanksgiving, and not analyzing and hating ourselves because we are unable to meet up with a mere list written on paper.


Realizing that it can be challenging for some of us to follow through our New Year Resolution list, I made up the following Life Resolutions  list that can greatly help us in life if we cultivate them.

Here is what I realized as to why many of us cannot fully meet up to our New Year Resolution list at the end of each year; we do not like to leave our comfort zone. As it is said, “To achieve something we have never achieved before, we have to do something we have never done before.”

Many goals require that we leave our most comfortable position (aka, comfort zone) before they can be realized.

For instance, if part of your New Year resolutions is losing that excess weight, it requires that you get your kits, wake up earlier than usual and go out jogging while your mates are still snoring, or you register for that training session at the gym and never miss a day of training. Definitely this is not something that you are used to.

So, my advice is instead of only working towards that weight loss goal you have set, why not focus on training yourself on how to leave your comfort zone. The good news is when you do that, you will not only be achieving the weight loss goal, you will also achieve other goals on your resolution list as well. Think about it.

Moreover, leaving your comfort zone is an effective way to meeting a lot of  great people, make new friends and get positive connections. Some of which can be through attending Seminars and/or conferences. Just give it a try!

My second advice this year is that you decide to exude and reek of love. Be kind. Be generous (without any expectations in return). Try and show love and affection to people and be amazed at how much love you will attract into your life. It’s like magnet.

The holy bible explains it better  “Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be given to you. For with the same measure you measure, it will be measured back to you.” – Luke 6:38

'Happiness' must appear in your new year resolution list

This is my third advice. Smile often, it makes you look beautiful and approachable. It gives a positive vibe and aura to the people you come across and who come across you. No one wants to be around a sadist, they drain energy. Everyone loves to be with a happy person. Even when the situation is far from pleasant, pretend to be happy. Soon you will genuinely be.

When it seems like you have every reason to be sad, just think about the worst thing that could have happened (but didn’t happen) and envisage the best thing that you want to happen, and believe that it will.
Embrace life no matter what it throws at you. And always remember that no condition is permanent. Everything in life is ephemeral, even life itself.

Add learning to your new year resolution list

The last but not the least, Learn. Learn as much as you can at every chance you get. There’s no disadvantage to learning. Educate yourself always. Be knowledgeable about things and life in general. Read voraciously and thank me later.

In summary, these are my advice for you as you enter this New Year 2020
1. Leave your comfort zone,
2. Show love,
3. Be happy, and
4. Learn

In conclusion, I’m not saying making New Year Resolution list is bad, not at all. If you set New Year resolutions and you are able to fulfill it every year, well, good for you. You’re one of the few ones who get it right. However, for those who are unable to stick to their plans, no need to beat yourself up about it. I completely understand how frustrating it can be. Try setting Life Resolutions instead. In fact, this gives you room to make changes to your written goals whenever the situation calls for it.

This is a token of my New Year gift to you. I hope it makes your year a fulfilling one.

To learn how to have a meaningful life in general (and not just year), you can check out this post – A PURPOSEFUL LIFE


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