HOW ARE YOU LIVING? Your Ultimate Guide To Living Right.

Be honest, when was the last time you stood in front of the mirror and asked yourself, “How am I living?” Are you living right?

It’s a common tradition for the average person to wake up, pray (if you are a believer), dress up, eat, and head out for work (where applicable). The uncommon tradition, however, is taking a break (at least once in a while) to examine how exactly we go about the day, and most importantly, how we go about our life. 

It’s not enough to just live if you’re not living right.

Regardless of what you have heard before, it’s not enough to just live if you are not living right.

There is a popular saying that, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” – Socrates. A life devoid of constant reflection and assessment is a flawed life.

Life is a gift, and like any gift, the decision as to what happens to it depends on us.

So, the question goes? Are You Living Right? 

To address that, two basic questions need to be asked, and of course, answered.




Whatever you do, who do you do it to please, men or God, your fellow being or your creator?

Pause, and ruminate on the above question before proceeding.

If you have been following my articles on this blog you’d have realized by now that I’m a believer, and I live and stand by it- which is why I’m going to be making most of my references from the holy book.

In the beginning, God created a man and a woman- in His image He created them. Agreed? If yes, then good, we have established the fact that you did not create yourself.

So, if you did not create yourself, then it means you are not responsible for your own life. Hence, who should you live it for if not the creator?

Life is a gift, and like any gift, the decision as to what happens to it depends on us.

However, unlike popular belief, or what you might have heard or think, living for God doesn’t mean wearing sackcloth or looking shabby. In fact, it is an insult to God when His children are not well-doing. God wants us to prosper physically as much as we do spiritually.

So, What Does It Mean To Live For God?

Living for God is simply obeying His commandments-loving God with all you are and loving your neighbor (your fellow being) as much as you love yourself.

To buttress – if you would not steal from yourself, do not steal from your neighbor, if you would not kill yourself, do not kill your neighbor. In short, whatever you want men do to you, is what you should do to them. A better way to put it is, do not do to others what you would frown at when done to you.

If half the population would consider living this way, we’d be having a brighter world than we currently do.



Discover Your Purpose

There’s no way we’ll talk about living for God that we’ll not mention the phenomenon, purpose. Every single man (and woman) on earth has a purpose to fulfill on earth. God doesn’t spend His precious time creating garbage. Everything He creates is good and for a good reason.

From time to time, we must pause and ask, what is my purpose on earth? Not what my mother wants me to do, not what my father wants me to do, not what my friends think I should do, but what does GOD want me to do?

A life devoid of constant reflection and assessment is a flawed life.

The truth is, the answer to this question is already within our reach, all we need do is tap into our inner mind and discover it. No one is born to be a nonentity; we are all born special and unique in our own different way.

So if you have been copying and pretending to be who you are not, you are not living right my friend. And remember, the best of another person you can be is a second class of that person. 

It is high time you stopped living for men and figured out what exactly it is you were born to do.



Myles Munroe, a motivational speaker, and a writer died in the year 2014. I have consumed several of his books and audios yet I never knew he had passed on, not until this few months ago.

Stunned, I asked myself, “How come I never knew all this while?”

Then I realized, of course, it’s because he died empty. He delivered all that was within him and took nothing with him to his grave. He fulfilled his purpose that even after his death, thousands of people are still benefitting from his selfless service – again, I say, even after his death. 

From time to time, we must pause and ask, what is my purpose on earth?

Ask yourself, how would you like to be remembered? Whatever your answer to that is, ask yourself again, does my way of living right now resonate with how I want to be remembered? If not, there is still time to make corrections and changes. It is never too late.

Not discovering and fulfilling your purpose before passing on is just as good as not living at all.


I recommend you read “Discovering Your Purpose” by Dr. Myles Munroe.

The second question to ask to know how you are living is;


This looks similar to the first question but there is a difference. That said, many claim to live for God and please Him except that they do not extend this gesture to mankind.

Now, my Bible says he who claims to love God but not his fellow men is a liar. Let me iterate that, he is a big fat liar. Of course, that is true. I mean, how can you say you love a God that you cannot see but claims you do not love a man that you can see? The simple truth? You neither love God nor your fellow being. So quit lying to everyone, and most importantly, quit lying to yourself.

If your relationship with mankind lacks peace, you are not living right. 

Also, the bible further emphasizes who you need to show love to… who are they? EVERYONE. That’s right, including that woman that got you fired at work or that man that jilted you and broke your heart weeks to your wedding. You do not select who to be nice to, who to show love to, who to smile at, who to greet, and who not to greet. You show love to everyone even if they appear to be your greatest enemy.

I admit it’s so damn hard! But only if you try to do it on your own. With man, some things are indeed impossible, but with God, absolutely nothing is impossible. Everything becomes a possibility. So, to start on the journey of extending love to all – with no exception at all- you must ask for God’s help. It is ever available and ever in abundance.

Do not do to others what you would frown at when done to you.

So there you have it. The two important questions you need to ask yourself to know if you are living right or if you need to adjust. Outside these two statements, there is no greater way of living right.

A meaningful life is a fulfilling and good life. To achieve that? Choose to live according to God’s law and principle.

A man/woman who lives by God is virtuous, kind, generous, and forgiving. His heart is full of love and compassion for his fellow mankind. To the needy he stretches his hand, to the poor he offers his token.  He loves what God loves and hates what God hates.  

By diligently obeying His word you can be certain that you are living right. How do I know this? Because with God, you can never go wrong.

Does your presence bring peace or pain to the people around you?


I will leave you with these final words – before you sleep tonight, and every night, ask yourself, “How am I living?”




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