In our last post, we discussed the Red flags in relationships we mustn’t ignore. There, I mentioned some important signs that will plainly reveal to us that we might not be in a Healthy Relationship. You can check it out at  RELATIONSHIP RED FLAGS YOU MUSTN’T IGNORE

it’s only fair that there should be Green Flags isn’t it?  Of course, yes. In this short article, I have summarized some important signs that a healthy relationship should display. If you are lucky to discern some of these healthy signs in your relationship, then you should hold on tight to your partner ‘cause you might just have found the One.

1. Sincere Communication __ The number of relationships that have been torn apart as a result of lack of effective communication are way too numerous to keep track of.

Communication is the backbone of any type of relationship whatsoever and lack of it can easily cause damage even before it really begins. Talking is easy; you can talk for hours with your partner, but are your words sincere?

A healthy relationship is one where you and your partner virtually discuss everything about anything. You let them know the little things that they are not doing right, like when they have hurt you by breaking their promises towards you. No secrets, no lies. You are not afraid to express your concerns. You do not only tell them what they want to hear but what you feel is necessary to be said. Also, you can correct them without stirring up conflicts, and vice versa.

They consistently tell you how much you mean to them and you do the same. You are both as plain as a white marker to each other.

In a healthy relationship both partners are never tired of talking to each other, neither do they run out of topics for discussion. If the relationship is healthy, there will always be new things to talk about.

2. Separate Lives __ A healthy relationship is one where both partners complement each other and not complete each other. It is very natural and normal to become overly attached to your partner especially if the relationship is new. Neither partner wants to be away from each other, you want to be with each other every hour and every minute of the day. However, partners should have their own separate lives and identities.

In a healthy relationship, neither partner is afraid to be alone. They miss each other when they are apart, yes, but they do not put their tasks and lives on hold simply because they are afraid to be away from each other. They understand the importance of taking personal time when the need arises.

3. They Make You Better __ Better put, you make each other better. A healthy relationship is one that shapes you to be the best version of yourself. It brings out the superstar in you and not the monster.

When you look back, no matter how short the time has been with them, you realize how much they have impacted your lives- positively. How much better you have become because of them compared to when you hadn’t or first met.

Epictetus said, The key is to keep company only with people who lift you, whose presence calls forth your best.

So, analyze yourself, have your relationship made you better or worse? Are you happy with the changes they have brought to your life? Be sincere with yourself.  Deep down you know the answer.

Mutual respect is a good sign of a healthy relationship

4. Mutual respect __ Respect is critical in a healthy relationship as it entails many things. When both partners respect each other, other factors that tear relationship apart can easily be contained.

Disagreement for instance, when two partners respect each other, neither of them is afraid to open up and say exactly how they feel because they know the disagreement would most likely be a path to realizing something new, rather than to the destruction of the relationship.

Plus, they understand that disagreements are totally normal. I mean com’on, we are talking about two people from totally different backgrounds and with different upbringings coming together. Even the tongue and teeth fight, and yet, they grew up together- they are from the same background and have the same upbringing, lol.

The point is, when there is mutual respect, arguments are handled and dissolved diligently.

Mutual respect keeps both partners on track- they know what they stand for. They understand what and what are acceptable in the relationship and what aren’t. they also keep in mind that some boundaries are not to be crossed.

It also entails partner showing interest in significant’s goals and ambitions. They do not seem to be discontented about your life plans and desires. They understand when you might not be available to meet their needs because you are working towards your goals.

You have their support in what you do, because they respect you as well as your dreams. Trust me, this kind of relationship, if found, should be held tightly onto.

5. Zero Doubts __  A popular quote said, ”If they love you, you will know. If they don’t , you will be confused.”

When your relationship is healthy, no one needs to tell you how fond of you your partner really are. It’s plainly written all over them that they are smitten by you- they just cannot hide it. You know they love and accept you for who you are, and not only because of the material things you offer them. They love you for all the right reasons and you can easily see it.

A healthy relationship is one where you can be free and be yourself

6. Fun __  They are your play mate! When you are together you do not need to withdraw or control your laughter because you have absolutely no need to.  You do not need to tip toe around them for fear of not knowing what mood they might likely be in at the moment.

You are completely and totally free with them, and can be childish around them because  with them, you are at your most comfortable self. Both of you act like kids around each other. They are your best friend, your bud and your confidant. And each time you are together, the time is just never enough.

So there they are- the green flags that we must all thrive for in our relationship. However, it should be noted that the above listed signs are not all there is to a healthy relationship. There are still countless of them that were not mentioned.

More so, these green signs are not all ready-made. Some need to be worked for and on. A healthy relationship needs consistent efforts and practices from both partners. As we all know, it takes two to tango!


If you learned from the article above after reading, be kind and share with a friend. And if you feel that there are other “green” signs that were not mentioned above, do not hesitate to share them with us. I’m always looking forward to reading from you.


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