5 Reasons Why You Need A Heart Break

Did you know that, “Heartbreaks are believed to be the number one cause of suicides among young people, according to research?

Yet, romantic love has been described as one of the “most desirable experiences of human life.” 

Unfortunately, heartbreaks happen to be the complete opposite.

Heartbreaks don’t just hurt, they can kill. In fact, many people who’ve experienced heartbreak often describe it as the most traumatic phase of their life.

If there’s ever a protest I’d like to lead, it’s the one against heartbreaks

Heartbreaks are terrible and no one should ever have to go through them.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been heartbroken at least once before and it’s a time of your life you would never wish on anyone. Except that it’s not within your power.

But wait, if that’s the case, if heartbreak is so detrimental, then why am I giving you five reasons to go through it?

Oh well, maybe because that’s not the kind of heartbreak I‘m talking about here. I’m referring to a heart break.

See? There’s a difference. Heartbreak isn’t the same as a heart break (giving your heart a break). I’ve got your attention now, haven’t I?

Now, did you know that some people are going through emotional trauma from heartbreaks because they just can’t stay away from romantic relationships?

For them, at every point in their life, they need to be with a partner.

Independence scares them. To them, singlehood is an impossible task, except that it isn’t.

So, what do they do when a relationship doesn’t work? They immediately jump into another one to avoid dealing with the hurt and fill up their empty voids.

And when that doesn’t work out, which in most cases will not, they end up heartbroken again. In short, they keep breaking their own hearts.

My dear, this heart can only take so much. Stop stressing it.

Admittedly, people deal with heartbreaks differently- while some may take solace in binging on packs of chocolate and sleeping all day, others choose a different path of jumping immediately into another relationship- now that’s dangerous.

Oftentimes, after a breakup, it will appear that nothing else can make you get over your recent ex than getting under someone else.

They say, “the best way to get over a man is to get under another one.” It’s not true.

On the contrary, this seemingly helpful act carries more danger than the heartbreak you’re currently going through.

Anyway, let me cut to the chase…

In addition to having sufficient time to heal from past relationships, here are other important reasons why you need a heart break.

1. You Discover Yourself 

There’s a tendency to focus more on your partner when in a relationship than when not.

You want to please and make them happy. And sometimes, with little or no consideration to what you want for yourself.

When you take a break from the dating world, you may realize that you have no sense of identity. You’ve been living for others except for yourself.

So, the best thing to do during a heart break? Utilize the time to find yourself. What are your dreams? Figure out your most wanted goals. And then get busy working on them.

2. You Reflect on Your Past Relationships

People who don’t give their heart a break after a relationship before moving into a new one will mostly repeat the same mistakes they made in the previous relationship, because they weren’t patient enough to reflect on what went wrong. 

Why did those past relationships end? Trace the pattern. What did you do wrong? But most importantly, what could you have done better? And how can you correct those mistakes in your next relationship when the break is over?

All this will not only help you not to repeat the same mistakes that you might have made in your previous relationships, but will also better prepare you for a brighter future one.

3. You Regain Your Independence

There are such situations where partners are so used to each other they forget how to exist independently. This may not be healthy.

Taking a break from relationships helps you regain that possibly lost self-independent you.

Perhaps, your previous partners took care of most of your bills. They were really generous they pampered you so much so you lost your financial independence.

Not only is taking a break the right thing to do but becoming financially independent makes you highly responsible.   

4. You Know Exactly What You’re Looking For 

Like most breaks, a relationship break gives you more clarity on what you want and do not want.

Maybe you’d been settling in your previous relationships. Maybe you were taken for granted. Also, maybe they didn’t give you the attention or say the right words you wanted to hear from them.

But you went for them anyway and that had huge destructive impacts on your emotional well-being and self-esteem.

A break enables you to look inwardly and discover what kind of partner you really desire and never to settle for less anymore.

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5. Finally, a Heart Break Helps You Heal From Past Relationships

Part of the many wonderful benefits of taking a break from relationships is the time it allows you for proper healing without having to rely on another being to do it for you.

Many people use relationships to fill empty voids forgetting that another human cannot do for them what has been programmed to do for themselves- emotional healing.

If a relationship broke you, what makes you think another will heal you?

There’s almost no guarantee of that happening. It’s your job to heal by yourself instead of covering up and using another individual as a rebound.

Let it hurt, and let it heal. That’s how you move on.

Plus, using another person to heal not only leaves you more vulnerable and at their mercy but it’s utterly unfair to them. Imagine if someone used you as a rebound, how would you feel? Betrayed is an understatement, I’m sure.

A heart break helps you heal the right way.

In Conclusion,

If you have a smooth working relationship where one partner is just as happy as the other, then that’s a great thing.

But if you’ve found yourself  jumping from one partner to another immediately after one relationship ends. You might want to take a step back, reflect and steer clear from the dating world for a while.

If most of your heartaches in the past few days or months have stemmed from bad relationships that ended when you either wanted or didn’t want it to, chances are high that you are the one breaking your own heart. A short-term break will do you more good than not.

When you look at all the right things that can happen when you give your heart a little break, you’d agree that it’s a good decision to make whenever the need arises.

So, go for that heart break. Both your heart and future self will thank you for it.

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10 comments On 5 Reasons Why You Need A Heart Break

  • See Me rushing here to see why a person would tell me that heartbreak is good for me, only to see that there is a difference between heartbreak and heart break. An eye opener I must say coming from a bright mind. Keep it coming Ma’am, you’re doing a great job.kudos!!!

  • Heart Break🤔🤔🤔🤔

    Don’t feel sad over someone who gave up on you, feel sorry for them because they gave up on someone who would have never given up on them.

    Give your heart a break, don’t jump into another relationship because of loneliness, build yourself, learn from your mistakes, it hurt I know, but it takes darkness to truly appreciate the light…

    Mr. Dream

  • The topic really caught my attention. I love this article even though what I got wasn’t what I expected. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  • Heart break. You got me there. I give it to you, Enny.

    A thoughtful one. I think this boils down to taking grips of our emotions which are, more often than not, momentary. More insights, Enny!

    • You’re right Jibola. Emotions, though intense, are fickle and usually temporary. It requires great discipline to not always yield to their request. This is where the determination to give the heart a break comes in. It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible either.

      Thank you for your contributions 👏

  • Hmmmm, Everything you have written here, are nothing but the naked truth. Thank you for being a light in our world, more wisdom to your pool of knowledge dear

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