The Reason For The Season ❤️

Yipee!! It’s a Season of Love…It’s Easter celebration 🎉

Everyday should be Easter. Everyday should be a celebration of LOVE (Jesus Christ)

How would our world have been without His inestimable sacrifice? We probably would still be giving one burnt offering or the other. And believe me, considering how sinful the world is, we’d definitely have been giving countless burnt offerings.


Haven’t we got numerous reasons to celebrate the King? Absolutely! The blameless One yet took all the blame of the world upon Himself- This demonstration is by far the greatest act of selflessness. Just what manner of love is this? It’s beyond measure. It’s beyond imagination! It’s worth celebrating.

He conquered the world’s greatest source of sin… Selfishness. And now because of His selfless act we are dead to both sin and its source. Simply amazing isn’t it?

Easter celebration

Because of His sacrifice for us we have a new life (2corinthians 5:17). And He didn’t even stop there, He went as far as giving us the life in abundance! (John 10:110). This act of love is beyond what my mind can fathom or comprehend. It’s simply overwhelming. Don’t you feel the same?


So how do we repay? We don’t. Because it is impossible to repay this kind of love. We only appreciate Him by showing how grateful we are. By letting Him know we do not in anyway take His love and sacrifice for granted. By living in love 💙- Obeying His word.


And that is what we are doing here today… Appreciating the Reason for the Season!💖💞

And I understand that many of us would have loved to be in church right now. But know for sure that we need no building to celebrate Him. We right here are the Church.


So keep spreading that love that He has taught us. Keep making Him trend!

Today we celebrate the resurrection of a friend, brother, son, savior and the LORD – Jesus Christ.


Happy Easter once again. Much love from💖💞

So tell us how your Easter celebration is going over there. Especially with this lockdown of a thing. How are you spending it??  Drop your comments in the comment box below. Plus, don’t forget to share with a friend.


Remember #staysafe #stayathome #avoidsocialgathering. #maintainsocialdistancing  #covid19isreal

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