A Call To Attention

Corona Virus (COVID-19)

Our world unlike we knew it has been subjected to a state of ‘Chaotic Entropy‘, colonized by one of the deadliest viruses known to ever exist in the world – Corona Virus (aka, COVID-19). It begs the question, are we in the realm of Apocalypse already?

It goes without saying, the world reeks of fear. Step outside your home and watch the despair in people’s eyes. Panic and grief consume the atmosphere. No one knows who the next victims might be. All is afraid of death. Both the rich and the poor. Both the young and the old. Everyone dreads COVID-19. Literally everyone…

Hmm… isn’t it ironical how the world with series of technologies and medicines can have such a profound dread for an ordinary virus? Except of course this is no ordinary virus.

A wise man said, “the world is in this commotion because the land is dry of the word of God.”  And I truly agree with him.

We live in a world where Normal has become Abnormal, while Abnormal has become Normal. But that is another story for another day.

This, I’m certain, would be the umpteenth write up or article on COVID-19 you are coming across this year. And it certainly won’t be the last.

For many families, in fact, to the world as a whole, 2020 has been a tragic year. Just this year, the dreaded virus, COVID-19 has claimed thousands of lives, and many more thousands are still at the mercy of God battling for their lives. It’s pathetic indeed. And it is my utmost prayer that the rest of us will not be partakers of this dreadful virus.

As I lay down and sympathized in my heart for the lost lives, I realized this might just be a call to attention to us all still living and breathing. I wondered, ‘What if I had been among those that died? What memory would I have left behind? What kind of life have I lived so far? How would the world remember me?” These are all “a call to attention questions” that need to be answered by us.

Another question is, after this season of tribulations, what would I need to change about my life to suit God’s word? Because believe me sincerely, overcoming and surviving a time like this can only be by the grace of God, not because we are in anyway careful or meticulous.

Because of this pestilence, we see people whose memories contained nothing regarding God before now pleading for His mercy and saving grace. The God we abandoned and had no regard for, we want Him to remember us now, because a common virus has made us to realize that all is vanity upon vanity.


Ask yourself, when last did I remember God? If not for this peril, Corona Virus (COVID-19), would I have acknowledged Him now? It’s funny that we chose to disregard Him and now that we’re in distress, His name has been our anthem. And we expect Him to perform magic within seconds. We forget that God cannot be mocked. You put God’s position as the least in your life, and now, you want him to put you as the first. I repeat, God cannot be mocked!

Vanity upon vanity!!! All is vanity!  Where are the treasures we have acquired at the expense of God’s word? Why are they not saving us from this calamity? Where is that money that we have prioritized over God? Oh wait, isn’t it the one we can’t even hold without wearing gloves and washing our hands after? Where are the cars, Private jets and houses? Yeah, they are the ones we’re even afraid to enter now for fear of being infected of Corona Virus (COVID-19). But why can’t they all deliver us now? This simply takes us back to the words of Solomon in the Bible, “…vanity of vanities; all is vanity.” Ecclesiastes 1:2

Ecclesiastes 2:11

“Then I looked on all the works that my hands had wrought, and on the labour that I had laboured to do: and, behold, all was vanity and vexation of spirit, and there was no profit under the sun.”

These things are limited to what they can do in our lives and how they can help us. But God is unlimited in all ways . So remember Him when things are good, and when things aren’t. Always remember and acknowledge Him.

Once again let’s call ourselves to attention and ask, with my lifestyle so far, do I sincerely think I deserve to be remembered by God at this time? With the way I have disregarded Him do I deserve His grace and mercy in return at this time of need? Like I mentioned earlier, surviving  a season like this is only by His grace. And when you eventually do (which I Believe you will because God is merciful to all despite our mistakes, 2Chronicle 7:14), then be sure to make the necessary corrections and adjustments to your life now and thereafter.

Many people have died in such a short time because of COVID-19. It could have been me, it could have been you. What kind of life have we led? Have we added to the calamity of this nation? Or have we contributed to the peace and its prosperity? Because today we may not be victims of COVID-19 , but we all surely will be victims of death one day. It’s an inevitable destination that no one can escape from!

This post is not an attack on anyone. It’s simply a call to attention!

A call to attention, that in all our doings we should not be so consumed with accumulating treasures on Earth that we forget our God. Because at the end of it all, these things will either leave us, or we leave them. Or they become useless in coming to our aid when in distress (as in the present situation). Stick to the word of God, because when all earthly treasures fail us, His word won’t!


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I hope this short article gives you something to think about life. If so, do share with friends. Moreso, let’s hear what Corona Virus (COVID-19) has brought to your attention as well. It’s always a pleasure to hear and learn from you.

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