Cheating Is Not An Option In A Relationship!

Cheating is not an option

In all decisions we make in our relationship, cheating should never be one of them.

Indeed, the world has changed… abnormally. Nowadays, a guy that stays with one lady is considered a fool, and a lady that stays with one guy is seen as… a fool also. It’s like if you don’t cheat, you’re “dulling” yourself. This is ridiculous. Relationships have become a joke. Who to trust!!

The psychological effects (damages) of cheating are more detrimental than many people are cognizance of. Because if they were, it would be the last thing they’d do.

Moreso, cheating itself is never a solo crime. It is always accompanied by other forsaken acts such as lying, sneaking around, and so on.

Have you met a cheat that doesn’t lie? Of course, not. A cheat will definitely lie, will manipulate, will sneak around, and will do anything (which is never good) to cover up his/her acts.

When we choose to be with our partner, it means we put them first above every other person who may stand a chance. And in turn, they trust us completely and totally with everything about them, including their insecurities. We make them feel that they are so special to us, and only them matter.

There’s a sense of confidence and high esteem we instill in them that only us posses the power to take away. So, when we cheat on them, that is exactly what we do, we take away that confidence and self-esteem. Think about this before you cheat.

There are no categories of cheating. Cheating is cheating. There’s nothing like ‘it’s just a one time thing.’

Also, you don’t even have to be in a relationship or sleep with another to consider it cheating. Cheating starts from when you can’t allow your partner to read or see certain texts on your phone, because you know it will stir up questions you might not be able to rightly defend.

When we cheat on someone, we ruin their self-image. A part of them that may take them years of hard work to regain. And the saddest part is, we not only ruin it now, but we ruin it for a very long time, possibly till eternity.

They start to feel less special, as though, something is seriously wrong with them. They wonder if that thing that made them so special in the first place has been lost. This is called self-blaming. They wonder what it is they have done wrong.

Did I become less attractive? Less loving? Should I have shown more care? Or should I have called more? Should I have done this, Should I have done that?”

Next time you’re about to cheat on someone, remind yourself of the permanent damage you’d be bringing into their lives. There’s no predicting to what people can do when they are disappointed, especially when such disappointment comes from someone they loved and trusted with all of them. That’s when you hear cases of depression leading to suicide.

Let’s face it, no matter how seemingly strong or independent an individual may be, we are inevitably vulnerable when in a relationship with someone that we love. Unless of course, we’re only playing around and not being sincere in such a relationship.
In fact, research has shown, that the obviously strong ones are often the most vulnerable people.

Under no circumstances, should cheating be an option. When you are tired of your relationship, meet your significant other and talk to them.

There’s no excuse that justifies cheating. If you want out, leave. Don’t cheat. Give whatever reason you want to give but end the relationship like a decent human being. If not anything at all, at least they deserve that courtesy from you.

Don’t be so selfish and forget the consequences of your actions on your partner. It’s a pleasure for you now, but when they find out, it could tear them apart, depending on how deeply involved they were emotionally.

Remember, each time you cheat on someone you take away a huge part of them that makes them human. They start to become less loving, less caring, less of every good part of them. Now, imagine you cheat on someone, take a bit of their humanity. Then someone else cheats on them and takes away another bit of their humanity. Then another, then another. Don’t you think such individual would soon lose every bit of humanity that they were borne with?

Don’t be the reason someone loses their humanity, it’s too much of a burden for you to carry.

If you have cheated before, face the consequences of your action by owning up to it. Even if you don’t do it now you will still get caught one day. And if you have been cheated on before, I am deeply sorry about that. You’re probably still trying to get back on track. Keep working on that. And remember, just like every season and phase of life, this too shall surely pass.



Share your cheating experience with us. Have you cheated on someone before? How did that go, and what are your regrets or advice to others? Have you been cheated on before? Share how you found out or coped with it. It’s always a pleasure reading from you!

6 comments On Cheating Is Not An Option In A Relationship!

  • Cheating is like a norm in this our generation

    Loyalty is a scarce commodity in today’s relationship.

    People justify cheating, and I am always amazed.

    If I am with friends and I try to say my take on it, they actually make feel I am to religious or I belong to 18th century.

    As you have said, nothing to justify cheating. It really bad.

    The alarming part is, people go into relationship expecting that their partner will cheat, especially ladies..

    I don’t know where people got the teaching that it in men’s nature to cheat. A lot of wrong knowledge flying around this days..

    Amazing writeup as usual

    You are a great woman

    • When it comes to cheating, I don’t think we should put any blame on a specific gender. I believe it goes both ways.

      It’s all about individual’s personality and value. Like you said, loyalty is a scarce commodity these days.

      Thank you Lekan for this awesome piece✌️

  • Timely. It’s amazing how having more than one partner is becoming a normal. Hopefully with contents like this it will change the narrative

  • There’s no excuse that justifies cheating. If you want out, leave. Don’t cheat.

    Give whatever reason you want to give but end the relationship like a decent human being.

    This two point above is just the end we guys are afraid to row towards. But my opinion is that, at every point, human are design to feel differently to react towards exploring a new thing, dea is always a little guy in us that want to play.
    Like a jovial comment I once stumble on, it reads :”every guy want to stay With one person but the DORA in them always want to EXPLORE. And this is the highest height of the indiscipline nurtured overtime. I believed if we can discipline ourselves and go for what we need at first, then, there won’t be a need for playing the little here and there game.

    However, as a guy, have always wanted to cheat, human behaves rationally in such a way that they have reasons to react negatively or positively but one thing kept me going, I always ask myself this 3 question:
    1, do I need to do this?
    2, was the person am about to cheat on not better than this? And if she is not,what are those things that got me attracted?, if she put it on too, won’t she be better?
    3, what if she finds out? Do we need this argument? Me that I don’t even have strength to lie, she will finds out.

    So I just abandon the cheating mission and move on. But self discipline plays a lot and more of works because its actually a wrestle between someone and the secret desires.

    • Hmm… This is a revelation Fellow. I like the fact that you were sincere in your comment… Very brave 👌
      And, of course, there is often that wrestle between what we know is right and what we actually desire, which may not be right.
      However, you already mentioned the solution, which is Discipline.
      With self discipline, some battles in the flesh can be won, such as cheating.

      Thank you so much for this massive contribution ✌️

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