Your Number #1 Remedy To Getting Over A Breakup


There is no sugarcoating it… Breakups are haaaardddd! They become even harder when you’re the one getting dumped. It’s one of the most devastating feelings to experience. Some people say it’s like being underneath a roller coaster. I agree. Damn, there is that piercing needle you feel each time you remember what it was like to be with your ex. This is especially true for a fresh breakup. Their thoughts never cease to flash through your mind, the smell of

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The 5 Love Styles That Reveal The Type Of Childhood You Had

Okay, I know what you’re thinking.  ‘What have my love styles got to do with my childhood? This is just another five love languages episode’.  Well, that’s not entirely true.   Or maybe it’s a little similar. But you wouldn’t know for sure unless you read the entire article, would you?   But first,   Take a moment and look back at your past relationships. Do you notice a pattern? Patterns, maybe? Whatever comes to mind, know that your childhood

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Guys Respond: Should A Lady Ask A Guy Out?

Should A Lady Ask A Guy Out?

It’s a common question and it often goes like this, ‘Is it right for a lady to ask a guy out?’ Should women propose to men?’ Between you and I, we know very well what society thinks about this move. Especially in this part of my world. Often more than not, when a woman professes her interest in a man first, she is seen as one who lacks dignity and self-respect. “You should never ask a man out. Never. Or

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Premarital Sex Discussion- Here’s What Youths Have To Say About Sex Before Marriage.

premarital sex

Let’s talk about one of the most controversial topics among youths today – premarital sex. Whether for religious reasons, health, moral, or any kind whatsoever, sex before marriage has always been a debatable topic. While many people argue that sexual compatibility is one of the major reasons they engage in premarital sex, others believe there is no such thing as sexual compatibility. However, whether or not you believe in premarital sex, keep reading this article to learn raw undiluted responses

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The Secrets To A Long-Lasting Relationship

Hey you, don’t be the next victim of bad relationships. You’ve already experienced enough. Time to do things differently and in the right way. How? These secrets you’re about to find out are the formula for a long-lasting relationship.  So allow me to help you, sit tight, and read on.  But first, here are a few relationship statistics you will find interesting,  According to research, “Most couples will break up during the first three to five months that they’re in

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5 Reasons Why You Need A Heart Break

Did you know that, “Heartbreaks are believed to be the number one cause of suicides among young people“, according to research? Yet, romantic love has been described as one of the “most desirable experiences of human life.”  Unfortunately, heartbreaks happen to be the complete opposite. Heartbreaks don’t just hurt, they can kill. In fact, many people who’ve experienced heartbreak often describe it as the most traumatic phase of their life. If there’s ever a protest I’d like to lead, it’s

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5 Mistakes Men Make That Show They Are Desperate

There are various reasons why men become desperate for marriage. Some of which may be due to family or peer pressure, old age, loneliness, and insecurity.   A desperate man may at first appear as a caring, loving, selfless and the perfect guy every lady dreams of. Sadly, it’s only a matter of time before these seemingly romantic acts become unbearable to the lady at the receiving end. It’s true women love men who go out of their way just

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5 Mistakes Single Ladies Make That Show They’re Desperate

Okay, so maybe you’re a lady in her 20s, and the pressure to get a partner to settle down with is mounting already. Say, every weekend you get invited to weddings, and in those moments when the announcement goes, ‘you may kiss your bride,’ you silently wish you were that bride that’s about to get kissed by her groom. ‘Oh, wouldn’t that be great?’ You fantasized. Until you remember you actually don’t have someone yet. It’s totally fine to feel

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Relationship Red Flags You Mustn’t Ignore

  It’s no myth. There are indeed Red flags to watch out for in every relationship. A new relationship no doubt always comes with the thrill. A beautiful feeling that you want to experience over and over again. Y’all know exactly what I mean I suppose. And just like nobody embarks on a mission with the intention to fail. No relationship is started without the aim of making it a lifetime success – ( my words anyway). Sadly,  not all

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Can You Marry You?

Quick questions, would you want your sister to marry a guy like you? Would you want your brother to marry a girl like you? And most importantly, can you marry you? Whatever your answer (even if you’re still meditating on it), proceed to read this article. Often times I hear people say  “I want a partner that is more spiritual than I am”, I want a partner that can cook more than I can”, I want a partner that is

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