Want To Become More Productive? Avoid These 3 Bad Morning Habits

bad morning routine

Have you ever gone a whole day with nothing to show for it? You wish to do more but time has never been on your side. If this sounds like you then you’re not alone. One way to increase productivity is by getting rid of bad morning routines with the potential to ruin your day and make you less productive. What are these habits? In this article, you’ll discover the early morning routines you need to stay away from for

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My Interview With An Atheist

Have you ever wondered what goes on in an atheist’s mind? No doubt, I’m about to poke into really sensitive parts of you with this post. But don’t worry, it’d be worth your time. According to a credible study (Juhem Navarro-Rivera’s review of numerous global studies on atheism), you will find 450 atheists in every 500 million individuals. Better put, the world now consists of 7 percent atheists.  “Why share this, Enny?” You may ask. Well, in just a year,

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My Interview With Two Young Millionaires.

Who can be a millionaire? Who should be a millionaire? Do you have to cut corners? Do you have to kidnap? Do you have to swindle? Do you have to be involved in fraudulent acts to be financially stable? Especially at a young age in this generation? No, scrap that, in this country? If you’re a Nigerian currently living in the country, you can attest to the skyrocketing and alarming rate at which youths are engrossed in fraudulent acts. Hardly

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Guys Respond: Should A Lady Ask A Guy Out?

Should A Lady Ask A Guy Out?

It’s a common question and it often goes like this, ‘Is it right for a lady to ask a guy out?’ Should women propose to men?’ Between you and I, we know very well what society thinks about this move. Especially in this part of my world. Often more than not, when a woman professes her interest in a man first, she is seen as one who lacks dignity and self-respect. “You should never ask a man out. Never. Or

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Are Your Words Holding You Back?

What you say to yourself is shaping your life just as much as what you do is. Have you been speaking words to yourself the wrong way, and could these words be holding you back? Let’s find out in this short article, shall we?   But first, did you know that words carry life and you’re a product of the words you speak to yourself? What you say will shape your life just as much as what you do will.

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Premarital Sex Discussion- Here’s What Youths Have To Say About Sex Before Marriage.

premarital sex

Let’s talk about one of the most controversial topics among youths today – premarital sex. Whether for religious reasons, health, moral, or any kind whatsoever, sex before marriage has always been a debatable topic. While many people argue that sexual compatibility is one of the major reasons they engage in premarital sex, others believe there is no such thing as sexual compatibility. However, whether or not you believe in premarital sex, keep reading this article to learn raw undiluted responses

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Should A Woman Embrace Her Femininity?

Have you ever wondered why the modern female world tells us to claim equality with men? Instilling the notion that a woman needs to be less feminine but fierce/masculine to earn respect from society? And that, acting otherwise would make women appear weak and be taken for granted? Have you? Well, I have, and I find it so wrong and deceptive! If there was anything I’d like to advocate for, it would be Gender Inequality. And yes, I wrote “inequality”.

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6 Things I Wish I Knew In My Early 20s.

Things I wish I knew in my early 20s

  Age is just a number, I agree. But it’s a number that counts for something.  Hey, if you’re in your early, mid- or late  20s, this is an article you definitely don’t want to miss as it will incredibly change your life. If you asked me, I’d boldly say my early 20s were by far the most adventurous years I’ve had. Oh believe me when I say, I tried new things, crazy things – some I succeeded at, others

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Why Attitude is Everything

“Attitude Is The Corner Stone Upon Which We Build Our Lives.” – Keith Harell As beautiful as it can be, life throws shits at us sometimes. We lose our jobs, loved ones, we go through heartbreaks from different parts of our lives. It feels like we hardly get what we want when we want it, and/or how we want it. The question is, what do we do? If you’re connected to me on Whatsapp, you’d remember I shared a post

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6 Steps To Dealing With Loss

Losing a loved one is a bitter experience. It can make life seem unfair. You may even ask, “Why does this have to happen to me?” Sad, but bad things happen to virtually everyone. Undoubtedly, one of the worst things you can ever experience is the soul-crushing feeling of losing a loved one. Regardless of how close you’re to them or how long it’s been, healing and moving on from a loss is never an easy task to accomplish. Some

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