benefits of being single

ARE you one of those who perceive their single-hood as a sign of being less attractive? Or perhaps you believe that benefits of being single are nothing but cooked up ideologies.

Well, I am here to tell you that it is so not true!

In our current century, no doubt, being in a relationship signifies that we are doing something right. A sign that we ‘belong’, regardless of whether such relationship is right or wrong. This is a notion I completely disagree with.

Admittedly though, it sure may feel like we are the only single in our clique. In fact, everywhere we turn all we see is happy couple who are so in love.

Truly, this can be tormenting.

And oh, not to mention the Valentine’s day! It is so torturing not having someone to take you out or to take out.

But believe me, the benefits of being single are actually more than many people are aware of.

There is a saying that, “Being single doesn’t mean you’re lonely, and being in a relationship doesn’t mean you are happy.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not asking us to choose being single over being in a relationship. My point is, it is important that we change our perspectives and refrain from labeling single-hood as a bad omen, but rather to see it as a scarce opportunity that needs to be grasped and diligently made use of, before it slips away.

In this post, we will be learning;

  • Why Single-hood Is A Gift
  • Benefits Of Being Single, and
  • What To Do While Being Single


Being single is one of the greatest gifts we can have as it comes with lots of benefits.

One, it gives us the chance and time for proper amendments and corrections in our lives, be it character wise, where necessary.

More so, some people because of peer pressure have fallen victims of terrible relationships, including marriages. And now desperately wish they could go back to being single again. Do not let this be your story.

Being single is a time to write a better story, a time to choose right. If not now, when?

So my dear friend, embrace the gift of being single.


Life as we know it comes with ups and downs. How we approach it determines what version of it we get.

They say, what you look for is what you find. If you choose to focus on only the negative parts of life, that is exactly what you will keep getting.

If all you focus on with being single is how ‘lonely’ and ‘frustrating’ it is, then that is exactly how you will feel.

However, when you begin to focus on the positive aspects of being single, then you will start to appreciate your single-hood better than you used to.

We must not be so utterly concerned with the fact that we’re single that we end up missing out on all the amazing benefits that come with it.

Here are the benefits of being single;

Zero Pressure

One time at a salon, a lady who happened to have finished making her three hours duration hair suddenly flared and jumped up from her chair as though something poisonous had bitten her.  She exclaimed to the phone she was holding in her hand, “oh no no no!

When asked what the matter was, she explained, “I haven’t replied my fiancé’s text for the past three hours.”  Still frozen, now staring blankly into the mirror standing vertically before her.

Apparently, she had received a message from her fiancé while arriving the salon but got carried away the moment she set her eyes on the hair dresser, and became engrossed in their conversation of which hair style to do and which not to do. Well, you know ladies!

All I could picture from her expression was the amount of blood pint she would have lost, lol.

The good news about being single is you don’t have to be under untold pressure to reply messages or lose pint of blood if you don’t want to, lol.

Your friends have married, so what? Your other friend is getting married next month. Good news. Be genuinely happy for them. It’s a wonderful thing, but do not give it room to mount unnecessary pressure on you, or allow it to threaten your single-hood.

We are completely and totally different beings. Our journey are not the same. Do not follow anyone through their path or you will get lost. Find your own peculiar path and thread cautiously. Savor every moment of being single, you will be glad you did.

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Helps To Discover One’s True self

Another benefit of being single is – it helps us to discover how to be independent and self-reliant.

Also, we get to know and find out new things about ourselves that we might not be aware of – our strengths and weaknesses. There is sufficient time to do that. And we have it all to ourselves.

In addition, it helps us to filter out what we do not want in a relationship based on our past experience. Whatever you learn from your past relationship is a mistake you will not want to repeat itself anymore.


There are many productive things one can do while still being single. Here are some of them.

Get Closer to God

Your time of being single gives you the utmost advantage of developing close and better relationship with God. A time to give yourself wholly as a reasonable service to Him. Once we become engaged with someone else, our attention is divided.

Myles Munroe said, “Become so consumed by God that He will have to interrupt you to bring another person in to your life.

Your time of being single is a time to fully immerse yourself with God. Allow God to perform wonders with you, on you and through you.

Work on Yourself

In the previous post, HOW TO STOP ATTRACTING UNDESIRABLE PARTNERS, I made mention that what we are is what we attract. Hence, single-hood helps us to develop ourselves to become the kind of partner that we desire, and want to come into our lives.

So, prepare yourself. Pray. Read books. Acquire the necessary tools, skills (knowledge) required to be a better spouse. Be so consumed with making yourself great, and watch how much of great and uncommon people you will begin to attract into your life.

Rather than sit down and wait for a partner to come, grab this opportunity of being single and make yourself the right partner.

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Meet People And Establish Good Connections

Have you noticed that when people get into a relationship especially if it is a new one (when the euphoria is still at its peak level), they tend to subconsciously ignore and neglect their other friends?

Some partners even condemn friends of their significant partners. And as a result, these significant partners lose touch with their friends.

Single-hood is a time to relate with your friends at all levels, and meet new friends as well. It helps to build connections. You are not limited to a circle of people. You are free to explore. But do it wisely!

So, go out there and meet great and amazing  people that can add value to your life.


In conclusion, I must add that, some things in life are so precious that they are worth the wait. Finding and being with the right partner is one of those things.

Watching that movie and eating that popcorn alone for a while is better than watching it with the wrong partner for the rest of your life.

Being single doesn’t make one a failure nor does it mean one is unattractive. In fact, being single means you have standards and class. You are not ready to settle with just anyone. It means you are not desperate.

As the saying goes, if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. Hence, being single means you are not ready to fall for just anyone.

Embrace and cherish your single-hood so you won’t wish you were still single when you choose wrong because of impatient.



Are you single? How’s that going for you? Are you engaged or married? Tell us what you wish you had done when you were single, and what advice you would offer the singles. Feel free to drop your comments in the comment box below. 


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