6 Effective Ways To Deal With Stress

deal with stress

According to The Global Organization stress report, “73 percent of people experience stress that impacts their mental health while 48 percent have trouble sleeping due to stress”. More so, other research has identified stress as one of the number one causes of early aging and untimely death. Sadly, not everyone knows and understands how to deal with stress.

That said, everyone would agree that the list of inevitable feelings in life isn’t complete if stress is not included.

Though can as well result from external factors (such as work, school, family issues, and so on), stress like most emotions, is an internal battle that can be won whenever it surfaces. You just have to learn how.

So how do you deal with stress? Read on to find out.

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deal with stress
1. Exercise Regularly

The benefits of exercise go beyond just staying physically fit to managing stress.

Physical exercise is a great way to stay active, improve your mood and boost your energy tremendously.

People who exercise more often tend to sleep better and stay healthier- both physically and mentally.

Consider incorporating the act of exercise into your routine and watch that stress melt away.

2. Find A Hobby

What’s the one thing you enjoy doing? Now is the time to give it a try. For some people, it’s singing, dancing, playing sports, knitting or seeing movies. Find yours and create time for it at least 3 times a week.

Allowing yourself to engage in other activities apart from work or school is an incredible way to unwind and manage stress.

deal with stress
3. Meditate Regularly

During stressful periods, try taking a break to meditate for at least ten minutes. If you can do more, that’s fine.

Meditation has been proven times without numbers to be an effective means of dealing and coping with stress, as it not only helps to calm your mind helps but also reduces the release of a hormone causing stress known as cortisol.

4. Eat Healthily

You’ve probably heard the statement, ‘you’re what you eat’. In other words, a healthy meal makes a healthy man. There’s no better way to put it.

One major stress emanating factor is eating junk foods. This means eating unhealthy foods has both physical and mental consequences.

Hence, if you’re dealing with stress and want to eliminate it from your life, resort to eating more vegetables and fruits than processed or fried foods.

5. Cut Off Toxic People From Your Life

Cutting off toxic people is one of the effective ways to deal with stress as it can save you from a lot of mental challenges. If you notice you’re experiencing more stress than before, you need to take time to reassess the people in your life, especially if you’ve recently opened door to a new set of friends.

Oftentimes, toxic people add nothing to your life except to take. And still, make you feel like you’re not doing enough. These people can be found not only among your friends but co-workers and even family members. When you eventually identify them, it’s time to draw the line and give your distance.

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6. See A Therapist

Different people handle stress in different ways. While some find it easy to shake off by merely exercising, changing diet, and meditating, others simply need a more intensive approach and help from professionals.

The act of talking to someone alone goes a long way in alleviating stress.

Overall, stress is dangerous to both your physical and mental health as it can lead to other life-threatening conditions such as depression, cardiac diseases, and even death. Address it by taking the necessary precautions.

Whatever you do, don’t take it with levity.

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Channel That Criticism Into A Positive Energy


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  • This is really Nice. You’re doing a great job ma’am. More wisdom from above.

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    Well done ennywealth

    SATURDAY MARCH 27, 2021.
    ‘Submit to God and be at peace with him; in this way prosperity will come to you.’ Job 22: 21 NIV

    TODAY WE don’t just have regular stress, we’ve got cyber stress. Emails multiply like rabbits. Turn your mobile phone off for even a couple of hours, and when you turn it back on, it has gained ten pounds from the influx of recent voice mails. Then we have hyper stress. Go to the supermarket and see how much small talk you get from the cashier whose speed and efficiency is being tracked by computer as he or she electronically scans your groceries, calls out your total, and digitally sweeps you out the door. In a five-year study of three thousand salaried and hourly employees, 88 per cent said they work ‘very hard’. Sixty-eight per cent said they worked ‘very fast’. Sixty per cent said they ‘still don’t get all their work done’. And 71 per cent said they felt ‘used up’. Even church leaders aren’t immune. Almost half eventually resign, and when asked why, 80 per cent cited the negative effect of pastoral ministry on their family lives. So what’s the solution to our stress? Peace! And where can you find peace? The Bible tells us, ‘Submit to God and be at peace with him; in this way prosperity will come to you.’ Here’s how it works: when you know that God loves and accepts you unconditionally, it sets you free to do the same for yourself. As a result, you’re no longer driven by a need for acceptance, acquisition, and achievement. Yes, when you live by the principles clearly laid down in the Bible, you can have peace and prosperity!

    Soul Food Reading: Est 5-10, Luke 20:1-8, Ps 18:1-29, Pro 26: 24-27. Courtesy Grace So Amazing Foundation 🌺🌷🎀🌹

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