5 Mistakes Men Make That Show They Are Desperate

There are various reasons why men become desperate for marriage. Some of which may be due to family or peer pressure, old age, loneliness, and insecurity.


A desperate man may at first appear as a caring, loving, selfless and the perfect guy every lady dreams of.

Sadly, it’s only a matter of time before these seemingly romantic acts become unbearable to the lady at the receiving end.

It’s true women love men who go out of their way just to please them but what they don’t know is that some of these men may be acting out of desperation, and with time, will become an intolerable act for the lady.

Give a lady maximum attention and her heart is yours. But overdo it and you might just scare her away.

As a man, it’s possible to exhibit these traits without knowing that you do.

How do you know then? Start by reading these 5 signs of a desperate man (as a single, or in a relationship).


Ready? Let’s go!


  1. He Gives Too Much Attention

Give a lady maximum attention and her heart is yours. But overdo it and you might just scare her away.

A desperate man will meet a lady today and literally run her battery down with missed calls and texts the same day.

In addition to overcalling her, desperate men at an early stage of a relationship will visit their partner without informing her (P.S, doesn’t matter how comfortable you may be with a lady, never show up unannounced), always want to spend every second with her, give her no time to herself. She needs her own space bro.

The truth is, she may enjoy this attention at first, but you can be sure she’s getting choked and will eventually become irritated by your excessive clinginess.

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  1. He Goes For Any Available Woman

Just like desperate women, a desperate man is ready to settle down with any woman. It doesn’t matter if she meets up his standards, or be as virtuous as the woman he’s envisioned for himself to be with.  As long as she’s available for him, he’ll go for her.

Do you know what you’ve just done? You showed that your standards and values don’t matter. And that can only be as a result of one thing, desperation.

This is a dangerous act that never ends well.

So watch out men! When you begin to notice that every woman entices you, every lady looks like your future wife, it is a big sign that you’re becoming desperate. And trust me, a decision made out of desperation is a regretful one.

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  1. He Overlooks Red Flags 

It’s easy to spot if something’s off in your relationship when you’re acting logically.

Sadly, desperation has a way of making you tolerate what you wouldn’t, so much so that you begin to create excuses to defend every questionable act your lady displays.

Red flags vary from lies, physical and emotional abuses, broken promises, pretense, gaslighting, over-controlling, and so on.

Remember the ‘red’ in red flags means ‘stop’ because when they emerge it means there’s fire on the mountain.

So, take a moment, assess yourself and the partner you’ve chosen to be with (if you’re already in a relationship).

Are there acts you’re tolerating that don’t align with your values and beliefs? It’s time to address them.

In addition to overcalling her, desperate men at an early stage of a relationship will visit their partner without informing her

  1. He Stalks Her

A desperate man is an insecure man. It’s that simple.

Desperation is the mother of other negative emotions such as low self-esteem, insecurity, jealousy, anger, and so on.

A man will always try to know the whereabouts of his partner when he’s desperate because he thinks she’s unfaithful, lying, or cheating on him and is afraid of losing her. Not because he values her so much but because he thinks he can’t get anyone else when she leaves.

It’s important to take note as a man if you begin to appear clingy and become overly suspicious of the little things. It could mean you’re desperate.

a hasty decision from desperation is often a regrettable one.

  1. He Always Talks About Marriage

One easy way to spot a desperate man is how often he talks about marriage in a new relationship, or even when single.

This may also include taking her home too soon, talking to her about his mother’s needs for him to get married.

A man who can’t speak for 5 minutes straight without bringing up marriage talks with his peers, or spouse is desperate for marriage.

Okay fine, some people will argue that every relationship must start with marriage in mind. While I agree with this, there’s time for everything including the topic of discussions.

Aren’t there other important things to discuss aside from marriage- what about Careers? Dreams? Goals? Going out on dates? Just simply having fun spending time together? You can start a relationship with marriage in mind without having to make it the topic of your discussion at every point in time.

The saying that, ‘Desperate men do dumb things is absolutely correct.’

With desperation comes wrong decisions and actions.

As mentioned above, family and peer pressure are some of the major triggers that stir up desperation in singles out there (both men and women).

As much as you may not be able to avoid them, you must train your mind on how you allow them to affect you so you don’t end up yielding to the pressure.

Remember that a hasty decision from desperation is often a regrettable one.


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7 comments On 5 Mistakes Men Make That Show They Are Desperate

  • That last phase though, can be blame on ladies…they always want a man with marriage in handy along a relationship voyage.

  • This is so true💯. Thank you for this relationship medicine in such a great dose.

  • About not lowering one’s standard. I hope this doesn’t negate the place of tolerance, sacrifice and compromise. These things can be tricky at times, eh?

    Yet you just have to draw a clear line amongst them. Well done Enny

    • You’re right Jibola. With every relationship comes the need for sacrifices and tolerance. At the same time, certain boundaries need to be set especially when your spouse’s actions begin to have negative effects on your happiness or/and self esteem.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us 😊

  • I got it. You don’t talk about marriage at every given opportunity you’re with her so as not to make it looks clingy. But once in a while one will have to chip it in so that the lady will know this guy is serious, responsible and thinking about the future. Thanks for sharing.

    • Very true. I agree that you need to talk about where your relationship is headed with your spouse, which in most cases is marriage. But it becomes worrisome when the marriage topic is ‘always’ the center of every discussion as this can be a sign of desperation. And please note the word ‘always’.

      Thanks for your contribution Adebayo 🤗

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