5 Interesting Fun Facts No One Told You About Valentine’s Day

Yay! The long-anticipated and love-filled day has finally arrived. Both my Whatsapp status and messages are practically filled with Valentine’s wishes. And it’s so happening to be on a Sunday.

Talk about Sunday service, I couldn’t help but notice how red and white wears filled the air, sermon hit us with love message, youths couldn’t wait to use the entrance, as I could almost hear some of them murmur, ’Hey pastor, there’s a dinner date I’ve got to prepare for, can we just round up and call it a day already?’  Y’all should know I’m literally laughing while typing this right now.

Nonetheless, whichever way you choose to label or celebrate it, Valentine’s day is such a beautiful holiday indeed.

Before you continue with your love celebration, however, or feel left out simply because no one asked you out, you might want to have some background knowledge on what it is that we’re celebrating and the appropriate way to do so.

Anyway, without further ado, these are what you wish someone had told you about Valentine’s day long ago.

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1. Valentine Was A Priest’s Name

If you’ve always wondered how the holiday originated or what story’s behind the celebration, here’s your answer. History has it that Valentine was a name of a Christian man –Patron Saint Valentine- a priest who in the process of helping other Christians escape from prison in Rome was captured, imprisoned, and there met his untimely death.

While in prison, he wrote a letter signed, From Your Valentine. There it is! The origin of the celebration

It’s no wonder why some would say Valentine’s day is more of a day to celebrate and honor a hero who died out of love than a day to indulge in romantic pleasures, unlike popular beliefs.

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2. More Couples Get Engaged On Valentine’s Day Than Any Other Day

What??? You mean most guys usually wait till February 14 before they propose? Are you as stunned as I am?

Well, if you look at it, what better day to pop the love question than the day of love, right?

Research has shown that approximately 6 million engagements are recorded on Valentine’s day alone. Now that’s really interesting. It makes me wonder how many ladies are screaming and dying to receive that fabulous ring on their fingers presently.

Are you wondering too? Even better, are you one of those ladies?

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3. Men Purchase The Most Flowers On Valentine’s Day

According to research, “about 73% of men buy flowers on Valentine’s Day, with only 27% of women doing the same

I think you probably saw this one coming. I mean, it’s only logical since more proposals are done on the same day, isn’t it?  And hey, who proposes to their partner without flowers?

Anyway, judging from the statistics above, I’d say ladies aren’t putting so much into getting flowers for their significant partners. What do you say? Let’s step up our game and reciprocate the love, shall we?

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4. Juliet Of ‘Romeo And Juliet’  Still Receives Letter Every Valentine’s Day Till Date

You already know these stars from Shakespeare’s story so no need to further explain who they are.

In some parts of the world, they are seen as symbolic of romance and till date, about 1,000 letters are sent on valentine’s day to the Italian city where Romeo and Juliet lived.

“But wait, is this for real? Juliet died thousand years ago and still receives a letter while I get nothing on valentine’s day? And oh, by the way, I’m a living breathing functioning person?”

If this was your reaction, well, try to remember the story that led to their celebration and remembrance in the first place, not something you’d wanted, I’m sure. Feel better? Yeah? Okay, let’s continue.

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5. Different Cultures Celebrate Valentine’s Day In Different Ways

While some cultures view it strictly as the day to portray affection towards their romantic partners by going on dates, giving chunks and chunks of  chocolates along with beautiful red roses. Others, however, see it more as a time to appreciate not just their romantic lovers, but other extended families as well as friends.

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So, how do you celebrate your own Val?

And which of these facts did you find most interesting or stunning? Are there other facts about valentine’s day that weren’t mentioned you’d like to share? Feel free to use the comment section to share your opinions, contributions, or suggestions. It’s always a pleasure reading from you.

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All in all cheers to love! Happy Valentine’s Day!


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