3 Fundamental Guides That Will Save You From Making Regretful Decisions

Never Make Regretful Decisions Again With These 3 Basic Principles


From waking up, getting breakfast, wearing a certain cloth, to taking a particular route to work, seeing that movie or choosing a partner- are all needful decisions we make almost every day.

But while some decisions are pretty simple with little to no consequences to bear- none that pose a threat anyway- other decisions are capable of causing a long term effects in our lives.

Many of us today are the outcome of our decisions of yesterday. Decisions some of us regret bitterly, or decisions we’re grateful we took.

Either way, it’s crucial to always scrutinize and diligently consider our decisions before acting on them. Believe it, it goes a long way in what their outcome will be.


Luckily, there are ways to keep yourself in check and avoid a lifetime of regret from wrong decision making.

Ready to find out? Let’s go.

  1. Consider The Consequences And Prepare To Face Them


To every action, there’s a reaction. The same way, to every decision, there will always be consequences.

If you decide to wear a particular dress today, you must’ve anticipated the way you’ll look in that dress when you go out. How you feel in it. Also, you must have been pleased with what message it says to others about you. Now, that’s the consequence of your decision for wearing that dress.

Anyone can make decisions, but not everyone can live with the consequences.

Likewise, before you decide on taking an action, be sure you are absolutely okay with what the outcome will be and prepare your mind in advance to not be weary as a result of the consequences.


An aspiring entrepreneur who leaves his 9-5 job to establish his own business must have it at the back of his mind that his days of receiving salary at the end of the month are over. This is something he must first come to terms with, and above all, anticipate, before quitting his job.


If the consequences are what you find plausible to live and cope with, then by all means go ahead and act on your decisions. Otherwise, you might just be getting on board with a train full of disaster and regrets.

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  1. Weigh The Pros And Cons


Similar to number one but there’s a difference. Weighing the pros and cons means to consider the level of the benefits and damages that new decision embodies.

For instance, a man that plans to get married must first ask himself if doing so at this point in his life makes life easy or puts him in a more difficult situation.

If he can barely survive living alone then bringing in another being to be responsible for would be a terrible idea.


In short, you must ask what advantages and disadvantages your new decision encompasses. Not just now, but in time to come.

Do the benefits outweigh the damages? Is the new decision moving you forward or dragging you back?

All this must be meticulously analyzed before pressing the green button on your decisions.

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  1. Give It Time… And Pray.

Yes, I can relate, answers to number one and two may be vague sometimes.

Often more than not, the vaccine to avoiding regretful decisions is time.

When this happens, the next best thing to do is to wait a while. But not just waiting, you must deliberately work on the idea with consistent prayer to God.

Ask Him for guidance and direction while you make enough and thorough research so as to discover the consequences your decision carries, as well as the pros and cons- as discussed above.

If you truly believe without doubt in your heart, God is always there to reveal things that are unclear, and bring to your realization what you may otherwise be oblivious to on your own- had you not consulted Him.


Often more than not, the vaccine to avoiding regretful decisions is time.

Look back today and reflect on what seemed really important to you two years ago and you’ll realize just how insignificant they’ve become over the years. If only you’d waited a while before acting, right?

Finally, never make a decision without considering the consequences attached to it, measuring the degree of benefits and damages, and giving it adequate time backed up with unwavering prayer.

This, I strongly believe will save you, me, as well as many others from pains and bitter regrets often accompanied with making the wrong decisions.


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Your Thoughts And You


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