To A Fresh Start!

While many people may argue that a new year in the calendar makes no difference. “It’s just another day. A continuation of the previous ones“. They say.

On the contrary, some hold firmly and preciously to the term ‘new year’ as they often perceive it to be yet another season for a new resolution, a new beginning and a fresh start. Well, I’ll say they’re damn right.

However, things are a little different this time around as it goes without questioning that we’ve had what seems to be the toughest year in history.

Ranging from businesses crumbling, loved ones going to early grave, unlimited lost jobs, and a lot more heartbreaking incidents brought about majorly by the Pandemic, popularly referred to as COVID-19. Could things get any worse?

It’s no wonder we’ve got billions of people anticipating what the new year 2021 will bring with it. Some with hope of getting back on their feet, while some with absolutely no idea where to go from where they currently are. What a year, don’t you think?

Yes, 2020 was like a twoedged sword that pierced through almost everyone that exist/existed on planet earth. It hit us hard, it hurt us, and it broke us. The good news is, we’re leaving it and every tragic experience it brought behind in a few hours time to start a more pleasant and beautiful new journey.

The question to ask now is, what do we do next?  Well, we can either choose to spend the remaining years of our lives feeling sorry for ourselves, or we can gently pick up the pieces, join them together, reshape our future and get back on our feet.

Of course, inspite of what has happened this year, and still happening, it’s no doubt someone may say, “I’ve lost everything. What’s there to celebrate?

The truth is, If you’re reading this, then you’re a conqueror, an overcomer, a champion. You’ve got every reasons to be grateful. You’ve every reason to celebrate.

Rather than wallowing in what went wrong, now’s the time to reflect and review on how the year went – what did you do right? What could you have done differently or better? Where have you made mistakes? How can you correct your mistakes? And if not possible, what did you learn from them?

Don’t carry old and overwhelming baggage into the year 2021. If at all there’s any load to carry, let it be light and let it be a pleasant one.

Finally, I welcome you into the year 2021 and with hope that it turns out to be your best year yet!

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